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Dads: What do you REALLY want this Father's Day?

Asked by jca (36062points) June 14th, 2014

Right now (instantly from the TV to me LOL), The Today Show Saturday edition did a survey: “Dads, what do you really want for Father’s Day?” They had 5 choices – a day of golf, a day alone with the remote, a store bought gift, a handmade gift, or more time with the family.

I am not giving 5 choices because I realize the real answer may be something slightly different or something totally different, or it may be one of the five above. The real answer may be something impractical, something ephemeral, something that is unattainable.

Dads, in a perfect world, if you could pick anything you want and receive it, what do you REALLY want for Father’s Day?

66% chose a day of golf.

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Time with the family. I would like to go out and have some fun. Seeing them happy is reward enough.

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What they really want is easily demonstrated by what Germans do on that day:
They build a wooden wagon, fill it with beer bottles, then go out wandering together, to get completely shitfaced.

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I really want to go out for a nice brunch with my wife and daughter followed by an afternoon of movie watching — and this is exactly what I’m doing on Sunday.

Last night, we went to see a local production of The Sound of Music, which was fabulous.

66% picked golf” — typical

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I would think it varies whether the dad has young children at home or adult children who live out of the house. I’m very interested to see the answers here.

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By “day of golf” I’m assuming they meant “actually go and do something”. Because I have a very hard time believing that 66% of men have ever played golf.

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Being with my wife, and all the kids would be what I want.
My kids schedules don’t make this possible.

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I want to know my sons are safe, confident, honorable, and happy unto their own satisfaction.

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A day off

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A breakfast that includes whitefish, ;bagels, cream cheese, and lox, cucumbers, red peppers. coffee.
I don’t need any gifts. Having my sons help me open up one of the trails out back and burn the brush piles would be a fantastic day for me.

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The same point that struck @Seek jumped out at me. The survey must have been conducted on subscribers to “Cigar Afficianado”. I splurged and did something I haven’t done for a LONG time. I ordered some quality cigars. A few weeks later, the magazine showed up in my mail box, and for those of you who’ve never bothered to look through one (like me), I urge you to take a peek. The thing is huge, and obviously must cost a fortune to print. It’s been arriving religiously now for better than a year. Several issues back there was an announcement laughingly informing me that it was time to renew my subscription. I judiciously ignored it and sure enough, the hits just keep on comin. But I really do recommend that those of you unfamiliar with the rag leisurely page through one for a fascinating perspective on how the upper end perceives the world. It’s rather breathtaking in its implications.

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Well..I’m a mother not a father, but…..just last night I turned on the news to hear the weather report and this same question came up with an interview of the local Newsroom staff and broadcasters. The consensus was:

1. Time with family
2. Beer
3. Scotch
4. All of the above

Nobody wanted gifts just booze and family time. haha

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The day went great. One son came with his GF and we had a shamefully decadent brunch. (The other son is on the other side of the country so a phone is adequate.)
My local son gave me a great gift – He took his bicycle and a push mover out of my barn! That’ about 1% but it is still a start. Yay!

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Okay, so my Father’s Day plans (see above) got bollixed. No brunch, no movies.

Instead, my nephew and brother-in-law came by to watch the World Cup and eat deli.

That works too.

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The 66% sounds like a made up number. They only asked 3 Golf Digest subscribers what they wanted. Two said they’d like to play golf and one said a morning of hot, wild monkey sex.

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