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What does the yin yang concept mean?

Asked by DipanshiK (818points) June 14th, 2014 from iPhone

In the most simplest words, what does this Chinese concept or philosophy mean?


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Balance, interconnectedness, interdependency.

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It means DipanshiK.

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it’s a break from much of old Western dualistic thinking of “yes/no” to an understanding of life and the Cosmos being “yes an…”. A recognition of interdependence and complimentary being.

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There truly is no black and white; each is both surrounded by and contains it’s opposite.

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It is balance of opposites. It is Elvis and Dylan. It is Picasso and Rockwell. It is physics and art. It is disco and punk rock.

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The Duality of Singularity.

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A little of the feminine in the masculine, a little of the masculine in the feminine…it takes both to make completeness.

Can be used for any duality: hot/cold, life/death, etc.

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Proposes that there is always some dark in the light (the black in the white) and light in the dark (white in the black). Together they create the whole. Can’t have one without the other. All that good stuff about balance.

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