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Just for fun, Have you ever come across a really bad lastname, or one that should never be hyphenated?

Asked by Magical_Muggle (1673points) June 14th, 2014

I am just curious to see/hear, have you ever come across a last name (or do you have one) that is really odd, or one that should never, ever be hyphenated, for example, I came across a couple (in the newspaper) that were getting married, the grooms last name was McCracken and the bride’s was Butts, put it together and you got Butts McCracken, please, never hyphenate those names..

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My former step-cousin’s last name (after she married) was Clarke-Barr. I thought that was hilarious.

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I know that Spanish people use two last names but recently I saw a woman with the last name of “Garcia Garcia”. Is that weird or what? Also there is a girl with hyphenated first name of La-ha (pronounced Ladasha)

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Hahaha…I knew a Larry and Terry Derryberry once.
My grandmothers hyphenated name was Gray-Case.

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I have a hobby of working on my families genealogy. My Mom’s cousin’s last name was Flippin, and she married a man whose last name was Savage. I wish they had hyphened that, since the kids were a bunch of Flippin-Savages.

true story

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I have one of the most horrid birth given last names of all time. I cannot repeat it without pre-empting NSFW. I dated a girl in HS with the last name of Ovary.

We both crumbled under the peer pressure and haven’t spoken to one another in over three decades.

Please don’t ask.

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I have a great aunt and uncle and cousins with the last name Wiener. One of the cousins kept her last name when she got married, and I thought for sure people would be happy to ditch that name. I also worked with a woman with the same name. There is that politician who has the name also.

@gondwanalon I have close friends with the same last two names. The parents actually are first cousins. I’m going to leave their name off of the Q. I would bet there is more than one Perez Perez out there, and some other very common names. I don’t mean to say they are all closely related, my friends just happen to be.

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I worked with a lady with the last name Trayler. She later married a Mr. Park and hyphenated it to be Mrs. Trayler-Park.

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Ok ^^ that’s pretty fucking cool.

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Ted Cunterblast. He is a writer, responsible for the book “The West Indies: A nation of Cricketers”

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Just yesterday, I drove by a dentist’s office -

Justin Payne

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I knew a woman by the name of Pruitt, which is Swedish for fart. She married Howard Gass. I never had the heart to tell her.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – Semen? Dick? Testicle?


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I once saw a woman with the hyphenated name of Halfcock-Roach.

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Good ones are found here My favorites are
Sarah Wang to marry Brad Holder.
The Long-Wiwi wedding.
My all-tome favorite: Priestly-Hoar.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I’m with @Seek, you built that up far to much, now I’m curious to no end.

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How about Ima-Cherry? lol

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Buster Hymen

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Pigg and Hogg. They’re both real last names. Why, oh why, would anybody keep such a name when it can be changed with a quick trip to probate court?

How about people who given “double” names to their son? John Johnson, Stephen Stevens, Donald Donaldson, etc.

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My physical therapist’s name is Joe Strain.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I’e seen some of these before, they’re so funny

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My old next-door-neighbour’s last name was Chiba, she married a guy with the last name Lynch, now you would’ve thought Ms Chiba would’ve changed her last name to Lynch and get rid of such a horrid last name, but no she hyphenated it to become Chiba-Lynch, it is absolutely horrible, but then again she is horrible and a complete bitch….........
The End

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I do not see the problem with that combination.

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No it is just, well, ummmmmm
you’ve gotta know her, and then you see the problem

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AND P.S I RE-ITERATE! PLEASE @RealEyesRealizeRealLies you built it up plz tell us, if the NSFW jumps on it, too bad, at least we got to know

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My own last name. Mendes…..........................................(no comment)

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