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Is the Wii still rare in your area? If you have one how did you get it?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) July 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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It is still very rare here in eastern Pennsylvania. Whenever I’m in Gamestop, I always see people come in and ask if they have any. They never do, and they never know when shipments will be in. I got mine last April (over a year ago). I just called every day until they had some. It took a couple of weeks of calling before I got one. I hear Walmart usually has them.

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Damn near impossible to get one in Eugene, Oregon. I have given up.

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they have enough in Ohio! I can’t seem to make up my mind on whether i should get it or not. I wonder if the prices are going to go down anytime soon…

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My friend just bought one a few days ago, I live in Boise ID.

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I should make a business out of selling Wii’s to areas without them. Here on Long Island we always have Wii’s. I’ll send some out to anyone in the country for a modest $100 shipping surcharge.

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Heheh…ditto, let me set up a paypal payment form.

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Not too many here. As beast said, eastern PA is barren. I got mine by accident. My bro and I were trading in games but forgot a few. So the next day we went back and the guy asked what we were saving for and we said a wii. Well the guy goes ” no way I got 2 in the back.” We got out there quick with one.

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I’m in LA and I had trouble finding one, but I did, at Target. It was in their circular, and I got there early in the morning. The wii fit is even harder to find. I went way out to Santa Clarita to get mine.

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I randomly found mine at a Blockbuster! I see them all the time at Target. Talk to the managers at every store and ask them when they normally get shipments in. One guy at Toys R Us told me to come in Sunday mornings, right when they open.

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Indianapolis: RARE. I really don’t think I’ve seen one in a store at all… ever since I got mine the night it came out way back when. Either get a hook-up at a store by finding out when they’re getting a shipment (you might have to push a little) or spend an extra $20 and use eBay.

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South Jersey, kinda rare. They sell out whenever they come in, but a new shipment comes every week or so.
I got mine the day it came out because i camped outside walmart the night before for it. (Which was awesome btw, we knew a kid who worked there so we got a long extension cord and ran it out of the store to the line outside where we had tvs set up and guitar hero)

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I hear that Sears carries them and not many people know this so they usually have them. My friends just bought one in a parking lot, out of the trunk of some guys car via craigslist. I wanted one after I borrowed my friends but I wanted my new Macbook more :-)!

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ok its offical, today i did get a Wii. I waited at Best Buy two hours before they opened, and im happy to say i was the first person to pick one up today. Feeling of accomplishment for me.

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congratulations! i bet we will be seeing a lot less of you on fluther for the next few days ;)

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got mine from last month…I had to buy a bundle with 2 games and extra controllers, but it was worth it…I did see some at Target (Memphis, TN) last night and I found out that Circuit City only gets one shipment a month of Wii’s and Wii Fit. It seems like they are becoming more available, but from what you all are saying, they are still hard to get…

one handy little website is it’ll show when places have them in stock online, but you will probably have to buy a bundle, so get ready to shell out some cash.

@PnL – the price will probably not go down any time soon…their sales aren’t slowing and they are priced lower than the XBOX 360 and PS3. as long as people are having a hard time finding them, Nintendo has no reason to start making less money.

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ccatron: i figured, i was just in denial and hoping they would magically drop because we don’t live in a capitalistic country and they really just want to see every person happy playing their games. ha! oh well. i really shouldn’t pay for that right now, who needs the wii anyway? * goes back to denial *

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@PnL – haha, I know your struggle. I said the exact same things and finally gave in.

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uuumm—in st. louis they’re not that rare, best buy will usually have them sunday, monday and tuesday. They get shipments sunday morning. In Hudson, WI they have them on the shelves in Target, but not at gamestops etc.

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Nice suggestion, but he already got one.

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i have one it was easy to get one for me in germany but i think th wii points rare…u.u all the time i walk around and ask in shops for it, but it was sold out…>.<

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@strawberryxcupcake – can you not buy the wii ponts on the wii shop channel? we can here in the states. when you go the wii shop channel to purchase a game, it gives us the option to buy points with a credit card.

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yes sure thats possible too ^^ but im boring xD i love to buy the points in shops more than to buy with a credit card….>.< but sure that could i do too

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