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What happened to Casey Kasem in his most recent of events before he passed?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) June 15th, 2014

I remember reading segments of him being missing… then the next I read was he was allowed to be pulled off life support…

When did he go on life support? And how did he get kidnapped and for what reasons?

RIP Kasem

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He hit the end of his final countdown.

There was somewhat of a quarrel over who had the legal authority to make his medical decisions for him, because he was not lucid. In the end, I believe it was his daughter who was determined to have the decision making authority, and she took him off life support, presumably at his previous request.

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His current wife took him from a hospital setting in California and moved him to a private residence, one of her friends in Washington state. His daughter just got legal medical authority, his body was shutting down before they removed him from life support.

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@elbanditoroso summed it up. My teen years would not have been the same without listening to Casey Kasem count the hits down.

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So was he just passing away from old age? Or did he become a vegetable at some point?

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Even down under we listened to Casey Kasem during the 1970s, my teenage, I have to admit I had completely forgotten about the man.

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What had be been doing for the past 10 years? To me, he just disappeared from America’s Top 40’s many years ago, then recently reappeared when his relatives abducted him.

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