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Vacation in NYC?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) July 5th, 2008

A group of 6 friends (females, all under 21) are coming to NY City June 10–13. They have college-related activities to tend to during the day and would like ideas of things to do/places to visit in the evening. They all have a modical budget. Suggestions?

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I can’t imagine going to New York City and not taking in some of the fabulous museums, but it depends on what their interests are.

Shopping is a popular female option and NYC has tons of great places to exercise it.

TCKTS for discount same-day theater tix.

Free tickets are available for TV shows. The Daily Show or the Colbert Report for the politically hip. Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray for domestic divas. The Today Show or Good Morning America for early birds.

Take in a deli. Buy a cheese slice. Eat a bagel. There is every kind of ethnic food and most of it you can get delivered in the middle of the night!

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Blue Man Group!

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Free concerts in Central Park.

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See a Yankees game.

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I hate the Yankees with a fiery passion.
But I’d still love to go to a Yankees game again, and loved it the first time I did.

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A baseball game is fun, no matter if you like the team or not. Since you have to take a subway off of Manhatten I’d suggest something other than a Yankee game.

As Marina said, the museums are wonderful. You can also shop on the world’s most exspensive street, 5th avenue.

There’s no possible way you could ever be bored in NYC,

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walk around downtown; you can do this for hours, especially at night. walk with a group of friends from dinner on one side of town to a bakery on the other back up to a bookstore & then to a bar somewhere else. walk over the brooklyn bridge. you will see so much. the lower east side is on fire with hipsters!

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Unclear whether the museums are open at night. Best to verify. Pick up a New Yorker or New York magazine for gillions of ideas.

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Yeah, I agree with lefteh. See a Yankees or Mets home game, even if for no other reason than because both teams are getting new stadiums soon, and this may be your last opportunity to see them in their original ones. Also check for any concerts/shows in the area that you might be interested in.

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museums, site seeing, ball game

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go for it – SHOPPING!

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I went to new york last summer when i was 19. Seriously, you don’t have to have anything specificly planned out in NY because there are SOO many things to do! Just walk through the town and i’m sure you will find something. Or you can google it and search all the attractions there.

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