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What funny quotes do you have?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) June 15th, 2014

I’ll start:
All messed up with no where to go?

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Leave it to me to put all of my eggs in one bastard. Dorothy Parker.

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”...and Libertarians are Republicans that just want to smoke weed.”

I thought it was funny at the time.

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@Blackberry LOL…hmmm….I might need to ponder that a bit longer.

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Nah, I’m just a Happy Brownie liberal. lol

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I’m not short of money, but I don’t have any.

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My favorite inspirational quote is “I lost my pants… But I found myself.”

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David Muir of ABC News called a man who turned 99 today and asked how he made to 99 years old. The man replied “by having a birthday every year.” Ha!

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^^^ Haha cute!

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My own quote:

Most people have the personality of a loaf of bread, usually crusty sourdough.

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