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Is taking online Geometry hard?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) June 15th, 2014

Summer’s coming up, so I plan to take online Geometry! I’m motivated to pass it and go to Algebra 2 Trigonometry next year. I have a few questions though—is it difficult? Does it consume a lot of time? For anyone who has done online classes or have experience with it, please tell me some advice and/or tips. I’m scared of taking Geometry over this summer because it’ll be either too hard for me or I won’t be getting any rest this summer!

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Lot of memorizing, and building up on fundamentals. Algebra is fun, when you get to learn how to solve for any variable that you want. You can’t let yourself fall behind or the subject will have little meaning to you. Sohcatoe.

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I already took Algebra. I’m talking about Geometry, bud!

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It’s easy enough. Are you doing this for credit or so you can test out? has a free program for math that I think is rather good. You won’t get credit but you should be able to test out. You can practice as well as watch tutorials etc. There are a few other similar websites but I have personally used this one to brush up my math. It goes from early math all the way up.

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@kimchi I hate Geometry and trig… I deliberately skipped those classes and did homework and study with other subjects so I can get my high school diploma. I got exactly 50% in High school math and 65% in most of my other science classes and I made it to 2 year of university, with out using geometry.

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Yes, I am doing it for credit! @Unbroken

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It’s hard to say whether it will be hard or time consuming without knowing anything about the specific program or about your intellectual strengths. In general I don’t find the topic of geometry to be difficult; it’s a subject that is very easily visualizable (you can always draw a picture), which makes it feel less abstract and confusing than many other topics in math, I think.

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@kimchi Make sure they have lots of on-line support. It took me a bit to get geometry. I had to see it to get it.

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The beauty of Geometry is that one can learn to set up a system of Rules and then learn to follow those Rules and manipulate them with clear logic to prove an argument. Geometry is as much learning how to construct an elegant proof as it is about learning the relationships of figures and angles.

So it depends on whether the online course can help you learn that process. The various postulates, theorems, and corollaries of Euclidean Geometry are fairly simple; the pudding is in the proof.

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Well then only you can answer the question. Are you willing to commit to finishing the course?

Can you make it a priority? How many hours are you willing to spend on geometry a week? How many approx hours is the course there should be an estimate. Are you adept at math, do you think it will take longer or shorter?

A side note it is good to learn and practice what you learn during an extended break to keep it cemented in your brain. Studies show that people who continue their education or spend time in review during school years have better grades and have a leg up over the rest of the class mates who spend all summer playing.

We as humans thrive on knowledge every cell craves it. Be brave and feed your thirst for knowledge. imo Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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Geometry is a wonderful subject to learn. For most students, it is their first real introduction to proofs. I am though a little skeptical of how well it can be taught online. It is not the presentation of the material that I am concerned about, which can be done very effectively using computer graphics. What I am concerned about is how the homework and tests would be handled. Geometry does not lend itself very well to multiple choice or fill in the blank questions.

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