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Have you given up the pleasures of your childhood, or have you just removed the innocence?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) June 15th, 2014

From this question by @longgone.

My answer, both there and here?

I still like watching the sky better than TV. The difference between then and now? Then I would just flop down in a field of tall weeds and enjoy. Now I have to worry about Lyme Disease and I know where all those mysterious rashes and bug bites came from. Good Gourd, I could have been bitten by a spider and ended up in ER.

I’m still a sucker for flowing water. The difference between then and now? Then I just waded into a creek and turned over rocks, looking for critters. Now I have to worry about West Nile Disease and falling down and breaking something that doesn’t want to heal.

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(NSFW) Free porn has little meaning now that I am over the hill. I have 300 cable channels and nothing is on except American Ninja Warrior, and Cosmos. I can have anything I want for supper, I just have to go out and buy it. I’m still not keen on keeping my apartment clean and mildew free. I can take a bath or shower as long as I want and when ever I want.

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Yeah, I don’t drink from the hose as I did as a kid. I hate that I lost my innocence.

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I still take joy in the things I loved as a youth. Maybe I appreciate them more sometimes. Now that I’m retired, I can act any way I want and just be labeled “eccentric”. I miss the innocence lost.

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Neither. The only difference is that I enjoy these things more discreetly.

That’s why I have so many messed-up interests.

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I don’t play the Nintendo anymore. I got rid of the bean bag chairs. I don’t mash my ice cream into the consistency of a frosty anymore. I prefer to sit more towards the back of a movie theatre. I don’t stay up late just for the sake of it. I won’t go out without sunscreen or hike without bug spray.

So I guess my tastes and my self preservation just matured a little bit. I still watch Spongebob and I don’t have any kids.

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I am still a child at heart… I am happy that I still possess the innocence.

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I’m still a child at heart in many ways, I still play a ton of video games and enjoy many cartoons(though my interests have matured a bit.) I think my inner child was most evident the first time I got out in a reef environment, I was turning every rock over like a little kid inspecting for whatever critters I could find.

The thing I miss most from my childhood is fearlessness. Occasionally I find myself backing down from doing something from fear of injury. When I was younger I’d do anything, cause well, I was fuckin invincible :P

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