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Is anything more exhausting than a cross-country move?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) July 5th, 2008
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A cross-ocean move?

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Child birth. (Hope that you are not moving Mrs. K at this time.)

The only good point is that it forces you to get rid of mountains of useless, moldy, obsolete stuff (particularly if they are still in boxes from a previous move.)

Tell whoever is moving to not be possessed by possessions.

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Are you facing one, ketoneous? I am contemplating that possibility later this month if a layoff happens.

My sympathies are with you. It is exhausting and stressful. I think the stress-o-meter has it too low.

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@gailcalled: we decided to move back to Texas before the little one was born, figuring it would be a bit easier for my wife to move pregnant than to move with an infant.

@Marina: We just moved from Baltimore back to Texas. It’s been a long, drawn-out ordeal, but we’re here and love our new home. Good luck on the layoff.

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@Ketoneus: Texas is home, isn’t it? And you never really loved Baltimore if I remember correctly. Are you still working with the same company?

And I hope that both of you have family nearby. At least the move is over. Now you can settle down and enjoy the last few months of life-as-you-know-it before it is life-as-you-never-could-imagine. (See Bulbatron9)

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I just moved my family across Texas (Lubbock to McKinney) and it was exhausting. My Dad said I had it easy as he moved us from California to Taiwan, to Texas, to Germany, to Georgia, back to Texas in less than ten years when I was a kid. No wonder he’s brilliant with logistics.

But Gail is spot on, we got rid of mounds of stuff we never used. Got our childhood boxes down to one each and had one hell of a Texas sized garage sale.

Where did you move in Texas?

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Yes. Two cross-country moves. haha I just moved to the Idaho/Washington border in mid-April and then moved back to Albany, NY at the beginning of June. Going to Idaho wasn’t bad because I took the train and got to relax. But I drove back to New York and that was a killer.

The only thing I’ve ever experienced that was more exhausting than that was having brain surgery. They operated on a Wednesday morning and I was home on Saturday and went back to school that Monday but it was seriously more than a year (probably closer to 18 months) before I truly bounced back to normal.

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maybe but I’m sure it doesn’t seem like it to you! Good luck!!!

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Doing it on a bicycle?

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