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Can you combine different questions and come up with a new one?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) June 15th, 2014

For fun-! : )

Take two or three questions from today or yesterday, pick out words to form a new question. A serious question or a funny one.

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I’ll start…

Have you ever come across a really bad stalker during a recession-?

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“Is it vulgar and distasteful to use your physics and math skills to estimate Clifford the Big Red Dog’s weight?”

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“Do you think every high schooler should eat during the Summer?”

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Do you ever think people are beeping at your car while you are watching the Death Match 2014 called: “It’s War! It’s War!”

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@mazingerz88 I think you should expand the question range a bit. Can we get the questions from the day before yesterday too?

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Enlighten me – do you consider geometrically and physically stalking Clifford the Dog vulgar and distasteful? Or funny?


In the wake of the recession, what does the concept of “eating” mean?


Do you think every high school student should be required to remove the innocence of casual sex with Obama?


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LOL Funny jellies-!!! : )

Yes of course @Mimishu1995.… : )

Should employees have to hide their parents’ inappropriate piercings which feminizes males-?

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Game culture 101. What did your parents play in a formal dining setting in the wake of the tattoos and piercing?

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If we make teacher tenure a project, can it be put on Facebook so all gay guys can forget about the Viagra ads?

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