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How might older generations have complained about yours?

Asked by longgone (13060points) June 16th, 2014

I’m still almost one of the “kids”, so I know what people say about my generation. Unruly, anti-social, spending too much time in front of screens…

What about you? Do you remember any comments?

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We were going no where. We smoked to much pot, had to much sex, and had no direction.

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- Kids these days, have no real goal in life and are always clueless.
– When I was at your age I did 5 times as much work as you.
– Why the hell are you into such a stupid kind of music? It’s gross!
– You read so little. What the hell does that computer screen provide you with? Go read a real book, it do you much better.
– Why the hell are you so into celebrities? Are they your God?
– (Also celebrities related) I can understand why you like that guy/girl/jerk. Back in my time my hero was always Dad/Mom/<someone famous>/<anyone except celebrities>. They contributed much more to this world.
– Young people these days are so selfish. They only think of themselves.
– Young people these days have such a morbid lifestyle. They have sex, smoke, attend bike racing… All the things we are afraid of when we were young. They are literally on the verge of “moral collape”.

And the most common: Why the hell don’t you just grow up? and Kids these days are getting worse and worse.

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We were nothing but a bunch long-haired hippy commie faggots who’d never done a day’s work in our lives and spent all our time smoking pot and plotting ways to pervert society at its very roots and tear down the government because we were too chickenshit to defend our country in a war for the survival of the highest ideals of Americanism.

We disagreed with that assessment.

And Rush Limbaugh makes millions every year keeping that bullshit alive. Hell, what can you expect from a fat pig who spent the war scrambling for radio work as a sports jock and accepting welfare money in the meantime to support his wife and kid.. He has a lot to hide, so he makes big noises to divert.

It wasn’t just about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That was only the side show.

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What the hell are you listening to? You call that music.
I’m not paying any goddamn son of mine to work for me. (My father when my mother suggested they pay me something for working on the farm, Guess who didn’t get paid.:)).
How do you sleep with that thing hanging over you. (A Mick Jagger poster)
I’m sure there were others too.

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“Those goddamned hippies.”

Luckily, my parents weren’t part of the critics.

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They thought our music sucked.
They were right.

They thought our clothes were stupif.
They were.

They thought our TV was pointless.
It was.

Seriously, if we could just remove the 90s in general from the collective human conscious, I don’t think anyone would miss it.

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I don’t know what my parents generation thinks of mine, really, but I know what I think of yours, @longgone

Here’s an example. I was sitting on the beach with Oda yesterday when a teenager was passing by us. He startled, looked at the sky, took off his hat and looked at it. Then he looked at me and goes “I almost got fucking shit on! I’m still chillin’ though.”

Learn some respect for adults. Put down your smart phone. Stop taking pictures of yourself. Learn to spell. Lose the entitlement attitude. And pull up your pants.

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We were hippies, so there ya go. Enough said I imagine.

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The younger generation is lazy, stupid, over sexed, and careless. Their music sucks, and their fashions are too revealin. Their dancing is obscene, and they have no respect.

and the need to stay off my lawn.

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What’s wrong with being over sexed? Puts a smile on my face. Everybody’s happy.

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”“Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

Socrates sometime around 400 BCE

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@Judi Yep, damn hippies! lol

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I have no idea really. I think my generation was the beginning of older generations saying we were too “me” oriented. Aside from that I am not sure what else the older generations say about us? I was born in 1968.

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That guy you like: he isn’t really singing that – its not his real voice, he’s just mouthing it.

The Beatles are disgusting and I won’t have them played in my home. They are here today gone tomorrow you’ll see and thank me for saving your allowance money: Dad, 1964

“Hi mom, I bought a new record. Do you want to hear it with me?”
“NO. I won’t have that trash playing in my house, where is my Burl Ives record? You hid it didn’t you.”

“Bangs that long. You look like a fool. Sit down, you’re getting a normal haircut right now.”

“Your hair is too long, you look so much better in short hair.”

Your hair is too short, I remember when you wore it long and it was so pretty. Why in the world did you cut it.”

“I remember when you used to wear white lipstick. You looked like such a fool when you were so pretty. What a shame that was.”
No Mom it was frosted pink – it was just the style.
“Don’t you lie, you’re embarrassed now like I said you be. It was pure white.”

That dress is too short. We’re not leaving with you like that, go change.

That dress is too long. Nobody wears these “middies;” you fall for everything. We’re not leaving with you like that, go change.

Did you vote?
Did you vote like told you?
yes :)

I saw you with that little Jew monkey – I didn’t pay for Catholic school for all those years so you could walk out on the arm of a f’n Jew. You’re not allowed to see any of your friends again. They are apparently a bad example.

No we are not coming to your “wedding” its not a real wedding anyway.

Oh my God. You’re carrying his baby. No really think about it. Do you believe its even human?

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@non_omnis_moriar Haha….wow, sounds like you have/had some family of origin recovery work to do, your parents sound nuts.

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The Greatest Generation

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Meh…not with all the racism and closed mindedness they weren’t. Over rated if you ask me.

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They promised me a toaster as wedding gift if my marriage lasted.

On my 30th anniversary I asked if we’d been married long enough to qualify as lasting.

I’m married 44 years and have two amazing kids – truly amazing.

Parents are dead. I was cut out of the will. shrug.

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I’m a boomer. The generation that ruined America.

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@non_omnis_moriar Hahaha…..30 years wasn’t long enough, well then, did they take the toaster to their graves? lol
I’m boomer too, born in 1959, on the cusp of ‘60. This economy has ruined me the last few years. bah.

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The economy has done us in twice. Now I’m on the dole – social security.

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dxs : You got it!

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Don’t understand why kids have to be wearing the latest thing. Back when I was growing up, you wore a pair of shoes till they had holes.

I wish we could’ve complained about shopping at the good will. You either wore hand me downs that have gone through three other siblings and had stains in them that wouldn’t come out, or your neighbors would give you things their children out grew.

Boom boxes! In the future all these kids will be on social security or welfare because they are all death. Back in my day, people were born deaf. We didn’t go out of our way to make ourselves deaf.

Find yourself! We thought we were blessed if we found a quarter buried in the lint of our pockets.

Burn your bras! Wait till you have to wear a girdle and those puppys are dragging on the floor.

Smoke pot! Must be nice not to need food, clothes or a roof over your head or a job. Get a job you hippie and cut your hair before you give everyone lice!

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GAs all round, thanks.

@GloPro Thank you for the hilarious story. And the advice.

Put down your smart phone.

As soon as I’ve replied. I need to comb the dogs and eat something.

Stop taking pictures of yourself.

Never have.

Learn to spell.


Lose the entitlement attitude.

Come on, that’s not fair. Blame the parents. As Roald Dahl says, “A child can’t spoil itself, you know?”

Pull up your pants.

My pants fit fine.

Learn some respect for adults.

I’m not respecting anyone just because of their age. I won’t teach my children to, either. Respect has to be earned. That’s not new, but it is true.

You can’t think of anything your parents might have complained about? They never said anything at all?

@non_omnis_moriar I laughed out loud at:
“Did you vote?”
“Did you vote like told you?”
“Yes :)”

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