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Is it true that estrogen in the water supply is feminizing males?

Asked by Aster (18320points) June 16th, 2014

I don’t remember where I read about this. And I’m sure we all have differing opinions as to whether men are as masculine, as a whole, as they were in the Old West. We weren’t there, right? But is there really estrogen in our water and , if you believe this is true, are men more gentle, more considerate, quieter, less crude and cleaner than they were one hundred years ago?

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Yes, I think so. I’m growing boobs, I kiss cute kittens and puppies, I cry, I enjoy lifetime movies, I’m not aggressive, etc. Please give me more of that testosterone-filled water before I start wearing a dress.

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Meh. It’s their own silly attitudes that feminize too many of them, I think. I feel it necessary at this time to point out that I do not intend to imply that I think most women have silly attitudes. And let’s just leave it at that.

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I don’y know, but something is going awfully wrong. Take a look at the average highschool lineman compared to the ones of thirty years ago. They all look like sumo wrestlers. They are all going to be dead of diabetes at 35 if new ways to deal with Type II IDDM aren’t found. And they are just a sample of the population as a whole. They’re the ones that can still walk. Take also a look at how big women are getting, and how young they are putting on this weight. It might be what we put in our food, or it could be the the type of food they eat, or simply the availability of large portions. It could also be the water.

A few years ago, health departments all around the US were informed by a bulletin from the CDC in Atlanta to task all our patients to stop flushing meds down their toilets, that many of the drugs were entering our water supplies. Estrogen and testosterone were some of the meds mentioned. Outdated med dropoff centers were created in cities for this purpose.

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The amount of Estrogen or the potent sort that is found in the end water supply is coming from the Dairy Industry. Not oral contraceptives for human women. Veterinary estrogen is given 5 times the amount as that consumed by humans. The amount is also considered negligible. See this study:

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I think I’ve offended some men on here. lol

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I don’t have a prostate – just like every other woman here. :-)

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Don’t know if it’s that, but something sure is. I always thought it was single mothers.
Is progesterone in the water causing breast cancer?

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There is so much wrong with this question I don’t know where to start.

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I don’t know, but I think the biggest cause of young men growing large breasts is they are very overweight while they are children and teens. From what I understand the estrogen is held in the fat cells. They get boobs, and smaller dicks, and you can’t reverse those things by losing weight. Maybe the breasts will shrink a little if they lose weight, but they won’t go back to the masculine breasts they could have had. That’s what I have read anyway.

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has my vote for best answer of the year

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Even if it were true, which I highly doubt it is, it would be a good thing.

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Looking around at what I see, men are still behaving like macho pigs.
I posit that the real reason you see more “feminine” men is that society at large has become open enough to allow those “feminine” men to be themselves and not pretend to be macho pigs to fit in the group.

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It’s messing with the fish big time. I think it’s the DEC and Health Department that are both studying why male bigmouth bass are showing female characteristics.

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It’s not the water for me, it’s the estrogen-rich tofu. I’ve been PMSing like crazy since I started eating so much of it _

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Problem is, no enough swords. Fuck this wussy world.

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@Aster Female man here forever. LMAO!

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No, this is completely untrue.

It is their wives who are feminizing these men.

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Heard that report years ago. Water everywhere, from any and all sources, contains birth control drugs that could be causing sperm counts to be dropping word wide in every species. Maybe not feminizing, but making all men sterile.

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But it is false, @kritiper.

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@cazzie Maybe, maybe not. Haven’t heard any updates on that exact topic. Latest reports do indicate all water is contaminated with pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics.

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I knew a woman who had fraternal twins, and so did a whole bunch of people in her community. Her children would be in their 50’s now, this is before all the fertility treatments that are out there now. She never had any sort of fertility treatment. The people there all assumed it was something in the water. I think it probably was something from somewhere.

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And silicone. Loads of Shit showing up in remote arctic species. My point is, estrogen isn’t enough to make a difference, and the main polluters are dairy and cattle industry.

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