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What causes hand swelling during excercise?

Asked by DipanshiK (818points) June 16th, 2014 from iPhone

I excercise on a daily basis and apart from the normal pain in limbs, my fingers get puffy and swelly. It becomes normal 2–3 hours after excercise. Do any of you suffer from the same problem?
What can be the reason for this? What can I do to cure it?

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It could be any number of things. Read this and then see your doctor.

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It’s actually not so severe.
It’s very common. But I don’t seem to find a proper treatment for it. Anyways thanks.

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Mine used to feel swollen when I walked outdoors for exercise. Blood pooling is the answer I got. It doesn’t happen now that I stopped walking and started doing other things. What type of exercise are we talking? Walking, running, lifting, HIIT, etc?

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Exercise should not be painful or cause swelling. Go see your doctor and hire a personal trainer to show you how to exercise pain free.

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@CWMcCall That’s not really true. Intense exercise should be uncomfortable. If it’s not, you’re not pushing yourself like you should be if you want good results (whether it be weight loss, increased endurance, increased strength, muscle gain, etc.). If you did what I do for exercise, you may not be able to get out of bed the next day, and that’s normal when lifting heavy. However, it’s important to know the difference between the good pain/burn/soreness and pain from injury. What the OP is describing could be, as I said, blood pooling in the hands while walking, especially if he or she is not frequently moving his or her arms and hands around. It’s a common complaint among walkers, especially when it’s hot out. If the swelling occurs after lifting or exercise where the arms are frequently moving, that’s a different story.

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@livelaughlove21 thanks for the answer. I totally agree with you. I walk and the mornings are dysanic. It’s really hot outside which probably makes the swelling worse. It’s only mild swelling and there’s no pain in my hands.
I would like to know the cure for this !?

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@DipanshiK Keep your arms and hands moving. Don’t leave them swinging by your sides. Do that weird power walking arm movement, occasionally put your hands up over your head. If the blood is pooling, the only “cure” is to keep it from doing that by keeping your blood flowing in your upper extremities.

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Yes. Thankyou.

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You are gripping the shaft too tightly, let it slide up and down freely within your hand. And don’t worry, god put the knob on the end to keep your hand from flying off and striking your forehead.

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Heat and humidity can cause it.

If you eat a lot of salt it might add to the problem.

I’ve gone through spells where my hands swell when I exercise, and then it stops happening for months at a time. It’s wierd. It almost never happens when I work out inside in the air conditioning.

What pain do you have? Are you doing aerobics type exercises, or weight lifting? Do you mean your legs hurt while walking? Or, from really taxing the muscle in a strenuous exercise? If your muscles seem to tire quickly I would check your vitamin D and iron. Also, pain in legs can be a sign of heart disease. The pain can be from arteries clogging up in the leg, which can mean they are clogging in other parts of your body.

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