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When wearing white, you should not_____?

Asked by maybellekim (215points) June 17th, 2014

Just want to know, what should not people do when wearing white clothes.

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wear black underwear or any other color for that matter.

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Eat spaghetti.

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Play in the mud.

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Kill someone with a knife ~

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You can kill them with a gun though. That’s fine.

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Don’t wear white and keep a black dog or cat. Doesn’t work. We’ve tried over and over!

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…wear a white hood with eye holes. ;-)

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Enter a haunted place during mating season, oh dear me no.

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Be a virgin.

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Be in your period with a very heavy flow.

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Let your 3 year old near you with markers.

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walk along the highway in a sow storm.

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Go to a funeral

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Sit down in anything.

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To give a real answer (because I’m feeling bleh today)

Don’t wear a white bra. It seems like it would be a good idea, but the white-on-white is really obvious, unless the dress is made out of canvas or something ridiculously thick like that.

Wear a bra that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, with no lace or stripes or whatever.

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@Pachy: a “sow” storm?!?!

It’s raining pigs, hallelujah,
It’s raining pigs, amen!

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Don’t get caught in the rain.

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Not go out in rain..check the weather schedule.
Avoid wearing a coloured under piece.
And the most important- wear it with grace. :-)

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@GloPro I’d beg to differ. That can lead to some interesting effects.

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wear black shoes.

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@cookieman, I just spotted the damned typo. All I can say is… sow sorry.

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Eat barbeque.
Walk in the rain.

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Have your period. (said previously by @livelaughlove21).

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Eat chocolate ice cream.

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Wear black stockings.

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Go strawberry picking, crawling on hands and knees in strawberry patch.

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Wear spray tan

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work in a coal mine or on an oil derrick

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Read the Sunday New York Times.

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Use carbon paper.

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Haha is this Fluther Family Feud or something? I’m gonna say you should not do landscaping.
Survey said…?

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Take up painting or charcoal drawing.

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kiss a clown

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Burp a baby

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Go to a wedding unless you are the bride or the groom or the minister.

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Don’t eat any of the following: pizza, pasta, BBQ, corn on the cob with butter, ice cream, flamin’ hot cheetos, chili dogs, chicken wings, juicy hamburgers, grape juice, snow cones.

Don’t take on a painting project, oil change, gardening project, dog grooming project or play tug of war.

Don’t wear striped or polka dotted underwear under your clothes.

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attempt in any way to imitate the Nazarene Hayzous, this behaviour runs a very real risk of a pox being placed on you & your family #godthevengefulbastard

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attend a devil worship meeting.

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Clean the chimney on your wood stove.

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Eat s’mores sitting next to children eating s’mores

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@ucme and @Mimishu1995


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…walk the streets in India during Holi.

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…eat Cheetos.

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stomp grapes at a winery

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Walk in the city.

Walk in the rain.

Don’t sit down.

Don’t take public transportation including airplanes.

Don’t wear a white bra or white underwear. Or, I guess I should say wear flesh colored undergarments.

Also, don’t wear white too tight every bulge shows.

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After reading everyone’s answers, yeahhhhh I’m never wearing white again. I love coffee and red wine too much.

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There is a good thing about white—you can bleach it. Other light colors when you stain it your screwed.

In Florida I wear white. Since the earth here is sand it is less dirty here than many places. That doesn’t help if sit somewhere that has something sticky on it (gross) but it helps in a general just walking around town way.

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You can wear white cotton.

I definitely don’t recommend white linen. Bleach will simply eat linen.

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Oh yeah, don’t wear white if you’re going to the county fair.

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@Kardamom LOL, yeah, no mutton busting in your Easter whites.

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When wearing white you should not fart. It might become green.

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I watch too many cartoons.

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