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The perfect punishment? (Role play).

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) June 17th, 2014

Our task as a Fluther community is to come up with harsh and ideal laws against rape/sexual assault.

Let’s see how we all think together, it’ll give us an insight as to how we would run the world if we could.

Fluther is some kind of universal parliament now and we are the members. Our task is to come up with a harsh and suitable law by the end of this discussion. Something achievable.

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Rapist is taken to a remote wilderness area in Mtn. Lion country, like here, where I live in he Sierra Nevada foothills.
Rapist is lashed, naked, to a tree and smothered in bacon grease or other smelly bait scent, maybe chicken fat or fish oil. haha
Soon the Cougars, Coyotes and maybe even a bear, will make short work of them
Bonus…wildlife get a free hearty meal and rapist, molester, gets to give back to the circle of life.

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Build walls around Utah.

Anyone convicted of rape (not, like, 18 year old arrested for sleeping with his girlfriend three days before her 18th birthday shit. Real rapists) gets parachuted into Utah with a supply of seeds and directions to the nearest Home Depot. Let him fend for himself.

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Turn the convicted criminal, shackled and gagged, over to the victim, or their surviving family.

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Chop off their diseased cocks & force them to dine on the dismembered…err, member.

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Ahhh, I love questions like this, where totally rational people turn into sadists.

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Castration/mutilation. That way they’d have to live with it for the rest of their lives, always remembering. They’ll see sex and desire all around them, but not be able to experience and feel it.

And for males, they’ll see their manhood (most valued prize) being taken away from them.
Etc for females

They’d be eunuchs basically!!

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And so it came to pass, the mouths of the self righteous doth flap like a shithouse door in a hurricane

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Well rapists are motivated by power, usually because they are powerless. Many victims of rape become abusers.

So making them powerless once again won’t help. Only changing the dynamic or leveling the playing field.

There are drugs that inhibit opoids from affecting pleasure centers. Maybe there is away to do this or insert some device that does the same thing for behavioral patterns would help. The trick would be to target the unhealthy behaviors…

i know victims want retribution, upon reading american furies I think I’ll be happy with coming up with solutions for change.

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Severe the hands so that they may not grope or fondle again.

Severe the feet so that they may not give chase again.

Mutilate the genitals so that they may not feel pleasure again.

Severe the tongue so that they may not plead false innonence upon tolerant, gullible ears

Gouge the eyes so that they may feast their eyes upon that which they’d wish to prey upon

Burn the nostrils so that they may not take in a single pleasant smell

Leave them their ears. So they may hear that the monster within is now the monster without.

Death is too good. “Suffering is penance, Death is absolution.”

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My gran always said rapists should be castrated.

Why all the animosity against Utah? I live here, I don’t want all the rapists here. WTF!

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Turn them all over to the folks that want to rehabilitate and reform them.

I can think of no worse fate than to be in the cluthes of those that believe they can “change” me. Let them suffer that.

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@El_Cadejo I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a sadist. At least when it comes to banishment for violent crime.

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@Winter_Pariah – Sever. No “e”.

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Severely sever the hands…hay, all of those will be done by the perfect predator a large Cougar. haha

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Oh, come on. What a horrible thread to stumble upon right before bed. I don’t get it.

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Jail and psychological treatment.

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Take away their freedom. We must remove them from being able to harm others. Give them help to overcome their problems and only once rehabilitated (they must meet very strict standards) can they be given their freedom again. They might never get that freedom.

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@longgone I was being humorous, I agree with @ragingloli, my answer reflects humor and imagination, I would not advocate torturing for anyone.

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@Coloma That’s nice to know.

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The fact is many crimes can cause permanent mental and physical anguish, including vicious assaults that can permanently handicap others, like brutal beatings, combat scenarios, acid attacks, etc. These events can cause PTSD too, and prevent the victim from ever trusting others again as well. There are different levels of sexual assault and rape too, including statutory rape. What should we do to people who do these horrible things to others as well?

When you talk rape and sexual assault, I’m not sure what you’re implying. Do you just mean a man raping and assaulting a woman? Are you including talking about women who molest young boys? Are you including older men who sleep with underage girls? What about older women who sleep with underage boys? Are you also including the countless men and women who are raped in prisons right under the guards noses, and allowed to happen by the same culture that would condemn rape under other circumstances?

Believe it or not there’s probably a whole host of people who should be condemned and ridiculed, including many ‘law abiding’ citizens for generating a culture that tolerates and allows these horrible things to happen. I think we need to look at these issues a little deeper, like the causes of these occurrences. I’m not a bleeding heart, but bloodletting without addressing causes does not solve nothing.

Were the people who do horrible things to others victims themselves as children? Charles Manson was no choir boy, but when I further reviewed his childhood it strikes me as no surprise he ended up the way he did, and ended up having so much resentment for society. Holy fuck the guy never had a chance. I could say the same thing for Aileen Wuornos too. Yes, it’s called the old butterfly effect.

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^^What you said.

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@Paradox25 Charles Manson was also abused & raped in reform schools as a young boy, teen.
One of the worst cases of abuse was what Henry Lee Lucas experienced in his childhood. Severely beaten by his prostitute mother and lost an eye from being hit with a board. Forced to be in same room with his hooker mom while she screwed Johns.

Watching his mother shoot his beloved mule when she was unable to birth her foal, his father who was a raging, legless alcoholic that lost his legs being hit by a train drunk and who subsequently committed suicide, and oh….his mother dressed him as a girl for the first many years of his childhood and sent him to school dressed as a little girl!

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I second @Seek ‘s wall, but I wouldn’t stop there. Fill it with water.

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