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What is the coolest new technology you've experienced lately?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36040points) June 18th, 2014

Yesterday my husband showed me that someone told him how to turn his smart phone into a scanner, like they have at the grocery stores. It’s really cool. There’s an app for it. When you open the app, the red bar line comes up and you move your camera closer or further from the bar code until it’s in focus, and it scans the bar code.
It seems a little worthless though, because it just comes up with the name of the product and the places it can be bought.
However, my husband said it can be used in lieu of a plane ticket. After you book the flight, you just scan the flight info into the phone, then you can “unload” it at the gate and get on the plane. You don’t have to give them a physical ticket.
Not sure exactly how that works but it sounded cool.

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I recently saw a demonstration of a 3D printer, it was really interesting

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The barcode scanner app is actually really cool. I use it in conjunction with another app to scan all the books I own. Then, when I’m at a bookstore I can scan a book to see whether I already have a copy of it at home.

It helps when you have over 100 books in a series, but not all of them.

I agree with @rockfan – the 3D Printer is the shiniest gorram thing I’ve ever seen. They are making 3D printes HOUSES and stuff. That’s bad to the bone.

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I saw something on that @Seek, too! Yeah, it was cool.

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Your scanner sounds like an app Penny came up with that told you where shoes could be found (that you scan) and price. Of course Sheldon poo pooed the idea. But I liked it.

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After trying six or seven different brands/types of activity, I think I’ve found the one I’m going to keep… a Striiv Touch.

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The cloud, I just replaced my smart phone with a new one. Long overdue.
The new phone downloaded off the cloud; my contacts, apps and passwords for WiFi networks that I have used for the last three years.

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A couple of techs at work built a 3d printer from scratch. The technology has been around for decades but it’s just now becoming popular because it is getting publicity. It’s actually a very simple device.

I have not seen any WOW technology in a while but call me when we start 3d printing organs. Once that happens it won’t be long before we are printing people. That’ll make for some interesting times.

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The first time I heard about a 3D printer, it was a guy using stem cells to print out cardiac tissue. This was a few years ago. I don’t know if they’re up to full organs yet or not.

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@Seek They are getting close but it’s in early stages and it is not a simple process like printing plastic parts.

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I’m still impressed with iPhones. Camera, maps, telephone, internet, and an iPad that holds tons of music.

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Adobe Kuler is way cool.

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I figured out how to get my fax machine to work. The solution – plug the dedicated phone cord into the correct whatchamacallit. Success! I must be a genius!!! But, I’m worn out from this effort and might spend the rest of the week sleeping.

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Slide Ruler

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I remember playing with my dad’s slide ruler as a kid.

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I have a small collection of slide rules. They’re becoming valuable for whatever reason.

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@Dutchess_III You remember being told not to play with that ruler as “It is not a toy” and made it all the more interesting! I never learned how to use one but the middle section that slid in and out was almost as fun as a GI Joe doll.

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I took a science class in 7th grade where we learned to make our own slide rulers.

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I wish I got to experience all of your things :(

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I bought my first HD TV this year. 19 inch RCA HD $120. one year warranty.

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My dad showed me how it worked! I didn’t understand really. I was only 10 or so.

@Mimishu1995 A slide rule. It’s hard to understand how, in this age of magic technology, something like that could be so fascinating.

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Not experienced personally, but this seems like a pretty cool invention. Coke bottle caps. Just watch the video. :)

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Well, that’s just genius @Pied_Pfeffer!

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“How can we get people to buy TWO sodas instead of just one?”

That would piss me right the eff off.

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That’s marketing! Once, at the local fair, I was talking to the guy who sold the funnel cakes and I mentioned all the dozens and dozens of half eaten funnel that were in the trash. I asked why they didn’t make them half the size and sell them for half the price?
He said, “Val, you’re a business woman. Think about it.”
So I thought for a second…then it hit me. I said, “That’s cheating!!”
He said, “That’s called making a profit.”

They do the same thing at restaurants. Basically they make you buy enough food for two people, and charge as such. And THAT’S one of the big reasons so many people are obese. They think they have to eat all of the food that’s given them.

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@Dutchess_III Val, if you’re in close proximity to funnel cakes, you must be a mid-Atlantic girl?

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No..Kansas. Doesn’t everyone have funnel cakes at their fairs? (BTW…I know how to make them! From scratch!)

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Indian Pow Wow funnel cakes are called Fry Bread.

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The Coke bottle cap thing would piss me off. What a stupid gimmick!

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