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Is there a better way to use or replace eyedrops as of June 18, 2014?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) June 18th, 2014

Based on my earlier question Years ago I was prescribed eye drops and I kept wincing and blinking and no medication made it in to my eye. Is there a better way to put in eye drops, or is their a trick like putting it in the corner of my eye? Has a better way been invented yet? How about a mist spray? Would that work?

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Dropping it into the corner of the eye works best.

I don’t have problems with eye drops just because I wore contacts for so long. I manage to control that instinct to slam my eyes shut when something gets near it.

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The best way for me is to get it over the inside corner of the eye. nearest the nose, and then look over to the other side and drop. That way it gets in your eye, but not directly onto your pupil.

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My son’s pediatrician taught me the best way years ago. Lie on your back and close one eye. Squeeze the drops into the inside corner of the eye and then open it, still lying back. The drops will go in the eye.

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^^Best answer. Yeah, the kids get to keep their eyes closed and that takes a lot of the fear out of it.

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@Dutchess_III Works well for adults too.

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You can pull on your lower lid, making a small pocket and place a drop in the pocket.

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