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English Help: I think I need help describing possessive nouns?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 18th, 2014

I have a poetry blog called, “Black Swan’s Song”

I’m trying to simply describe a song by one black swan.

Does my title seem fit for my description? Or is the apostrophe not needed?

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The apostrophe is there to indicate possession. It is required.

Pleiades’ son = the son of Pleiades.

Black swan’s song = the song of the black swan.

Black swan’s songs = the songs of the black swan (his whole repertoire)

Black swans’ songs = the songs of several or many black swans.

Jacob’s ladder = the ladder of Jacob.

Hell’s Angel = one of them
Hell’s Angel = two or more

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edit: Sorry. I meant “Hell’s Angels” to indicate two or more of them.

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Hell’s Angel’s song = the song of one member of the group
Hell’s Angels’ songs = songs of the group of bikers, if there are such
Hell’s Angels’ song’s tune = the tune of one song of… you know
Hell’s Angles’ songs’ tunes = the tunes of the songs of the… and so on

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Your description is correct: “Black Swan’s Song”.

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it is correct. had the swans been plural possessive, you would say ‘The swans’ Song’

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Simple rule so you won’t need to ask next time:

You always need an apostrophe and you always need exactly one ‘s’*.

If there is already an ‘s’, so as not to split up the word, simply add the apostrophe behind the last letter.

Swan sings
-> Swan ‘s song

Swans sing
-> Swan s’ song

* “Its” is a common exception. This is because “it’s” already has a different definition (“it is”). Very poorly planned ;)

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