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freeze time of course, what good is flying when you can just take it easy and walk there ? on the other hand, i could fly to the highest mountain….

uhm, do i get to be able to breath at high altitudes when i fly ?

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Freeze time no doubt.

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if you could freeze time wouldn’t you get old way faster than everyone else?

I’ll fly.

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@iwamoto: yeah sure, of course. We’ll assume that there is no negative side effects to your new found powers. No stories with morals or life lessons need come from your experiences. Wanna fly? Let Icarus deal with the responsibility.

tinyfaery's avatar

In my opinion, time already goes too slowly. Definetely fly!

xxporkxsodaxx's avatar

Freeze Time, but by freezing time, wouldn’t you just essentially be speeding up time for yourself thus speeding up the aging process when you return to normal speed?

shockvalue's avatar

Please read the details!

“Normal physics need not apply”

xxporkxsodaxx's avatar

whoops, never mind.

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I would love to be able to freeze time… just to gaze at things and be unnoticed.

El_Cadejo's avatar

Freeze time. Come on thats like the best ability ever. How many times in your life have you seen something really bad about to happen right before it does. If you could freeze time none of this would be a problem. Just like “oh man that dudes got a gun” STOP TIME. Disaster averted. Plus just think about all the fun you could have with it.

shockvalue's avatar

Imagine the kind of photography we would get with the ability to move, unnoticed, among an interactive scene; never worrying about a blurry shot!

xxporkxsodaxx's avatar

Yea kind of like the movie click, you can do whatever you want to people when their frozen.

kapuerajam's avatar

there was a thing about it on NPR the other day

hearkat's avatar

Freeze time… especially if I could have done it when my son was a baby and made each minute last much, much longer (sigh)

eambos's avatar

Freeze time!

Does anyone else remember the movie Clockstoppers? They had these watches that let them move so rapidly that time appeared to have stopped. How cool is that?

crunchaweezy's avatar

Yup Eambos, I loved the part with the garden hose looks awesome!

Bri_L's avatar

freeze time. Think of all the smart comebacks you could come up with.

wildflower's avatar


If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.
Mario Andretti

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Haha clock stoppers. What a great movie. I think I was in eigth grade when I saw it in theatres. Wasn’t the main character some thirty year old trying to play a highschooler?

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Fly for sure. Think of all the amazing places you could see. Fly up Mt. Everest, fly to the pyramids, fly up to the moon and walk all over, fly over lakes and troll for fish, fly over Glacier park, fly over grand canyon. I could do that forever.

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We always want what we can’t have. So of course freeze time is the answer.

St.George's avatar

Freeze time. I could use this skill every time I need to catch up on sleep, work, etc.

bluemukaki's avatar

I’ve always wanted to fly, thats the only cool thing about Second Life…. you can fly everywhere!

Freezing time would be cool, but not without its drawbacks, it would be fun for a little while but I think overall flying would be better- imaging flying to work!

El_Cadejo's avatar

@bluemaukaki i could go without flying to work if i never ever have to worry about being late.

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

oh that is soooooo hard! it would be awesome to fly, but it would help me get stuff done if I can freeze time! I can’t choose!

If i freeze time can a car still work for me?

iceblu's avatar

Freeze time for sure, with out a doubt.

Freeze Time Walks into girls locker room…
I’m late to work Freeze Time
I have to get this essay done by 4! Freeze Time
Shit, you gotta get rid of the body! Freeze Time

And the list goes on…Now what would flying get you? From point A to point B…. wow… exciting… after a while people who can fly are going to get bored of it, and then wish they picked Freeze Time like the smart people =]

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

@iceblu: that is a bit pervy

iceblu's avatar

@Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter: I bet you any guy would do the same as me. But for my defense, it’s not like i would take any pics or videos of them… XD

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

still, you don’t need to announce it on the internet

eambos's avatar

Actually, the internet is one of the best places to announce such things. There are millions of users,you and many others are anonymous, and you can say whatever you want. Where else can you do that? Well, maybe in a confession.

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

well for a guy they would a agree right? but as a girl it’s just a little awkward to hear. it’s nothing like against you iceblue, it’s just…you know…weird…

wildflower's avatar

Weird but true…...a bit like men often are!

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fly for sure. wouldn’t it be amazing to just go up and sit in the clouds anytime you want? not to mention sky diving would now be free. and, you could put a space suit on, and go into space. THAT definitely beats stopping time. transportation wouldn’t cost money anymore, and your carbon footprint would be much lower :)

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Exactly. Hiking in the woods, bear jumps out at you, fly away. Beautiful sunset, fly towards it with your so and enjoy it all night. Dinner in Paris, done. Lunch in Machu Pichu, done. Breakfast on the pyramids, done. Reach the summit of Everest, fly on up. Movie premier in NYC, fly on over. Think of the amazing weekend trips you could have. That would be wondrous.

8lightminutesaway's avatar

^^ This guy is on the right track :)

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@8, the whole space suit thing would be wicked too. Moon walking for sure!

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haha, but how fast do you fly? space is rather vast. And would a space suit and lack of gravity impede the ability of flight all together? Oh wait. No laws of physics. Carry on! Take a picture of the horse head nebula for me!

scamp's avatar

Fly, of course! That way you could do both things. Anyone remember in the old Superman stories where he would fly really fast around the earth and go back in time? So if I could fly really fast I could go wherever I wanted to, and if I liked it, I could go back in time and do it again. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, ha ha!

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FLY! ! ! While a freeze ray would be nice (ie Dr. Horrible) it might not end well. I could give people rides and wouldn’t have to endanger my fellow drivers wtih my terrible driving.

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Has anyone considered that if you froze time you wouldn’t be able to move, because speed and velocity are determined as a path of displacement or direction over time?

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

Let’s see, the ability to freeze time given to a guy prone to practical jokes. Oh man, the possibilities are endless.

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I would definitely choose flying over time stopping. Time stopping can cause a whole bunch of problems, like aging while everyone else isn’t, which is creepy. Besides, flying is probably much more rewarding.

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