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What?!? He was LYING?

Asked by Seek (34714points) June 19th, 2014

Back in February, you might remember I asked a question about a man claimed to have been set upon by some black, hoodie-wearing, teenage gangbangers, and was saved from hot leaden death by the Bible in his shirt pocket. He claimed God saved his life, and I was wondering why God didn’t divert the bullet that ultimately hit his leg. I mean, that’s just lazy, God, no?

In case you missed it, here is the original question

Well, in a not-incredibly-shocking but still hilarious turn of events – THE CASE HAS BEEN DISMISSED!

Why, you ask? Of course you did.

It was dismissed because the racist SOB made the whole thing up.

Check out this Dayton Daily News article and share your thoughts!

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Racist bastards making $hit up is hardly news these days. But apparently he wanted attention and he certainly is going to get more than he bargained for.

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“Asked about a potential motive for reporting the incident, Biehl said Wagoner, 49, appeared to be in some financial distress. Montgomery County Auditor’s Office records show Wagoner owes the county in excess of $100,000 for property taxes on a dozen homes he owns in addition to his residence.”

How on Earth do you own 13 properties on a bus driver’s salary? I think that might be the most remarkable thing about the story.

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What a waste…

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@Darth_Algar Auctioned due to property tax default? :P

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what do I think? I think people who want to make fun of the Bible or religious people will find a way even if it takes them five months from asking the original question.

you asked for “honest thoughts”, well this is my personal thought.

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Just as I thought- if a bible is in a sartorial place, it’s usually in the pocket of a bullshirt! ;-p

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I’m shocked, shocked. Even the Supreme court has stated that racism is over in America. So “the black guy did it” is no longer the convenient path to acceptance and sympathy? It’s too bad it’s left to the bus company to “prosecute” the guy. Do you suppose the “victim” accidentally shot himself in the leg, then fabricated the tale to avoid questions about his having a gun on the bus? I mean the scenario is just too perfect not to arouse suspicion. You’ve got hoodie wearing black thugs, a handgun and last but not least, a bullet-riddled miracle bible. I know I’m a believer.

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Nah. I’m not so particular as to only ask for honest thoughts.


He fired five shots. There were two in the book and one in his leg, so who knows what happened with the other two. The knife-wounds were self-inflicted as well. That just seems a little too… devoted to be a simple explaining-away of a stupid move.

If nothing else, this guy needs to be charged with filing a false police report. Even Casey Anthony got that one.

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My feeling? I pity for all the extreme theists. They were hoping they were right that God existed and ruled this whole world.

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I think this is the perfect example of why you can not trust stories and anecdotes of personal supernatural experiences.

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What I think is he is worse than any loud mouthed atheist regarding belief in God. He preyed upon very religious people specifically for empathy. He lied about the bible protecting him. It’s sacrilege in my book (pun intended).

He is a racist, dishonest, man.

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