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How will you react when someone tells you that the world is going to end before November?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) June 19th, 2014

I know a small group of religious fanatics who claims the world is going to end in November. I have to work with them and I honestly don’t know how to react when they start telling me their stuff.

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I was born in 1985. How many “ends of the world” have I lived through so far?

Yawn. Call me when the meteor strikes.

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Ask them to give you their stuff come Halloween. That should weed out the TRUE believers.

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@Seek I get what you say, it’s so strange why people are so obsessed with the end of the world.
@stanleybmanly I did and they wanted to come and visit me at my home. And now every month or so they bring these little booklets to read.

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Ask them if they are willing to sell their property at a deep discount. You will buy it at discount and rent it back to them free of charge until November. After that they must pay the full going rate. If the world ends, they win. If not they have to either buy it back at market price or rent until they can.
Let’s see if they are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

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I’ll say, “See you in December!”

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Cool idea @LuckyGuy, think I am going to do tomorrow! And than I will tell them “See you in December!” @SadieMartinPaul well said.

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I would stop a second and count on my fingers how many times the world was supposed to be ending In my lifetime. I am pretty sure it is up to ten in just the last 10 – 15 years.

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Haha….people are so gullible and insane.
I prefer we get sucked into oblivion by a renegade black hole..poof gone in a nano-second. lol
I’d ask them WHY they are still working at some shitty job if they are so convinced they only have 4 more months to exist? Put the pedal to the metal peeps, if you’re that convinced why the hell aren’t you on an around the world Cruise right now…4 months just might do it. haha

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The same as I did for 2000, and 2012…and whatever else. Not much reaction at all.

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I’d say “I guess you don’t want to be in the Kris Kringle pool this year,and I’ll take you off my Christmas Card list.”

Really, I’d spout scripture back at them, Matthew 25:13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

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Since they don’t plan on being here after November, you might, as a supreme test of faith on their part, have them transfer the ownership of all their worldly goods over to you. I mean, it really shouldn’t bother them to do so and it both confirms their commitment to their beliefs and the fact that you’re just another bloody hell-bound unbelieving infidel—the kind that has always worked with the devil and has made life miserable for the truly righteous here on Earth. It should give them solace that they help you along the fast lane to hades. They’d be doing god one last favor. Let us know how it goes. It might work.

And no do-overs. If it doesn’t happen then just tell them the Lord works in mysterious ways and their new financial circumstances are the result of one of them. It is God’s way of creating the challenges in their life to make them better, stronger Christians, or whatever they call themselves. It would be betraying God’s will to return their wealth. They wouldn’t want that. That would ensure that they burn forever in the lake of fire. And tell them not to recriminate you. You were just the instrument of the Almighty, the one who is enabling them upon this new opportunity to sit at the Right Hand.

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No, no. YOU start visiting THEIR homes, and suggest that you will gladly relieve them of the things of value which they will no longer require after Halloween.

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I will say… ‘Finally!’ or ‘Thank goodness’.... and then laugh my evil laugh.

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“Well, at least I’ll have one more birthday.”

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@LuckyGuy That’s genius! What bullshit excuse will they come up with to get outta that one?

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If these are coworkers does it make you question the quality of their work? Do you doubt their ability to analyze and solve problems?

Will they quit their jobs on October? Why spend their last month on Earth slaving for the man?

Offer to buy their car for 20% of market. You take clear title and let them use it free of charge (less damage due to abuse, etc). until Nov 30.
That will give them some financial incentive to do it. they get cash and a car until the big one.
You put the car up for sale at market on Nov 15 and tell the new buyer the sale will go through on Dec 1. Then follow through.

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“give me all your money”

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I would ask your employer how he feels about the fact that none of these people plan to show up for work on the appointed day. Perhaps you’ll see a few new hires.

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I would calmly tell them they should quit and go traveling to see as much as they can before the end comes, if they don’t, I would question them why they believe it if they don’t believe it enough to know their job won’t matter after November.

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Say: “Sure”

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This sounds like the ideal time to play the “Who/What/Where/Why/When?How?” ‘game’.

“Why is the world going to end in November?”
“Why is this date any different than all of the other predictions that didn’t come to fruition?”
“How do you know this is fact?”
“What are you going to do about it?”
“What do you want me to do with this information?”

Just keep going until they walk away. As long as it is kept with a tone of seeking understanding, then it may change somebody’s attitude regarding the topic.

Then there is always the, “Isn’t this a religious topic? I thought that it was against policy to talk about this at work. Maybe I should check with HR.”

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Advise them that they should stop injecting ass steroids into their brains. ;-)

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no one knows when the world will end. The only one with that knowledge is God. I live my life in such a way that if the world ends tonight, I’m prepared.

BTW what is the name (church) of “this small group of religious fanatic” that you mention? I don’t throw mud at people without giving them a name.

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Will it really end this time? I’ll believe it when I see it.

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“How can the world end if Wu-Tang is forever?”

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Probably wipe the little bit of spittoon off their nose, shot there from me laughing right in their face.

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I was born in 1955. How many “ends of the world” have I lived through so far?

Yawn. Call me when the meteor strikes.

(Thanks to @Seek I only had to change 1 number!)

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I would ask the ultimate question at that time: “Did you bring beer??”

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“Can I watch? I have my camp chair and @kritiper has the beer.”

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Assuming we all live to see it, be sure to come back and let us know how it all turned out.

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And the GoPros are off and running!

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Thanks for informing me the time I meet my grandpa. I truly want to see him. I can’t say how much I’m grateful to you!

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We all know that it is more difficult for a rich person to get into heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Tell them that as a personal service, you will be willing to relieve them of their excess wealth (cash, stocks, bonds and jewelry only) and assume the associated sin.

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How many times are we going to put up with this? If there’s an end why is it not coming?
I’d say just believe what you know. We have had all types of researches about this thing but one can never be specific about the date and time of the end. I mean you never know what might happen. We’re talking about the world- it’s uncertain and ever-changing.
You cannot lay out a particular timeline for it.

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Where I’m from we would simply say “Yeah, right.”

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Couldn’t give a flying sh#^!

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I could easily tell my office mates that I’m not interesting in when the world will end. Seriously, I can’t change it and quite frankly, I’m not afraid of it.

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Does that coincide with the elections? Oh and also please send me a Christmas card early this year.

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Yes, it does!

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For those of you who said to tell them “Give me all your money.” That won’t work. They have no incentive to do so.
Give them a reason to do it. Offer some incentive so they “win” if they are right.

I like the idea of buying their house at a reduced rate and letting them live there rent free until Nov 30.
Let’s say their house is worth $100,000. You will pay them $20,000 upfront for a clear title and will let them live rent free until November 30. You might even pay utilities. They can use the $20,000 to spread the word, or help starving children, or arrange for burial service, anything. Just think what they could do with an extra ~$6,000 per month. If the world ends they will have helped their cause.
If it doesn’t, they will have helped yours.

So… Ask them: “How sure are you? Are you willing to put some money on it? Talk is cheap. Put your money down and I might take notice. ”

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@Adirondackwannabe Ah, you may have hit on something there… is this one of those Obama-is-the-antichrist things? Hilarious.

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@LuckyGuy they are clients, so it gets a bit awkward at times…

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@antimatter Oh, they are clients. We’ve all been assuming they were coworkers.

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@antimatter The customer is always right. Just make sure they pay their bill before Nov.

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Tell them, “I know- I have EOtW marked on my calendar for October 31, 5000000014! ;-o”.

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I just ignore all end of the world predictions because it is pure speculation.

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Yipes, it’s November and @antimatter hasn’t returned for an update! Perhaps the world did end in his corner of the world.

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