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Was this a great find or just an interesting one?

Asked by Aster (18381points) June 19th, 2014

When I was going through my parents’ old photos I found a 5×7 photo of a lovely girl that was obviously from long ago. I showed it to my father who said it was his first girlfriend.
After he passed I found a letter written with a fountain pen by her to him dated 1927. The envelope and writing paper are in near mint condition. Today I discovered she had placed a good sized lock of her hair in the bottom of the envelope. I found her cemetery on the internet this morning and some things about her. Is this a great find or a nice thing to have found? I realize there is no monetary value. I find myself thinking about having her photo framed and hung on the wall which is crazy. I don’t even have any of him hung up.

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Perhaps you could give that to her family. What a treasure that might be to them.

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^^^^^ I would love to do that and was looking for them today. With two husbands and her being born in 1907 it’s difficult to find anyone who would remember her. But if and when I do find someone who remembers I will mail it to them of course if I can email them.

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@Aster Contact the cemetery. They should have records and you might even still be able to find her obit online that more than likely would list survivors.

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I have done just was @CWMcCall suggests, when my husband found a photo album in a house he was helping a friend clear out. The only thing we had was an obituary tucked in one of the photo slots. I was able to contact the cemetery, which forwarded my message on to the family. Turned out they’re way old money – own an island off the coast of Virginia or something like that.

They never did pay me back for shipping, like they said they would. Ah, well.

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@CWMcCall that is a terrific idea! Thanks!

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Awww… this is so heart warming. What a lovely story of love and humanity. This makes me want to write a story.

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Great find! Definitely a day brightener! Congratulations!

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This kind of sound like the start of a romantic novel.

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If anyone in her family is interested in genealogy, they will be delighted to hear from you!

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This is a great find because you reached out to your father before he died to ask about the story behind the photo. The letter brought back fond memories of that conversation with him. That is priceless.

@dappled_leaves That may be true. As someone interested in genealogy, I do like hearing stories about family members. Keep in mind though that this is a case of boyfriend/girlfriend that did not end up in marriage.

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You also might want to search for her or family on one of the genealogical websites.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yes, clearly not a contribution to the family line – but it is nonetheless wonderful to get personal details and artifacts.

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@dappled_leaves Too true. Years ago, Mom gave me two pieces of jewelry that came from my father’s mother. She died six months before I was born. It was a nice gesture and yet there is little to no chance that they will ever be worn.

While cleaning out one of her dresser drawers a few years ago, we came across a list of Grandma’s jewelry, where it came from, and who it went to. Having a bit of history regarding these gifts makes them precious.

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