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Would there be interest in a "Hotness" ranking option in addition to the Active ranking?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) June 19th, 2014

As many of you may know, it is possible to sort questions by Activity by clicking the little “Active” button. When you do this, the questions with the most recent answers appear at the top.

The “problem” with the active ranking is that it only takes one factor into account: the time since the most recent response. As such, it does not always accurately represent the intensity of the threads. A thread with only one answer (but a brand new one) could rank above a thread with forty slightly older answers.

My idea is that a hotness ranking would take more factors into account. In addition to the time since the last response, it would take into account the number of answers, the number of answerers, and the age of the question. This way, sorting by hotness would be a more accurate way to rank questions be intensity.

Also, to calm fears that this is going to be “popularity contest,” GAs/GQs aren’t taken into account, and the calculated hotness scores will not be publicly visible. The current “Everything” view will always be the default.


I also fixed something with the tabs. It used to be that if you had the Active tab selected and then went to a different section, the Active tab was de-selected. Now, the Active tab remains selected so you don’t have to keep re-clicking it.

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That’s should be tied to the exhibitionist award. Good idea.

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Huh. I’ve been here since 2007 and I’ve never clicked on the “active” tab.

Clearly my middle name is not observant.

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“Hotness” ranking?!?

So clicking this will show all questions where @ucme is active?

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Can we have one for users, too?
Sounds interesting! I’m too addicted to Fluther for it to make a difference for me, but it can be useful for the less active Jellies.

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It’s hard for me to imagine how the “calculated hotness scores” works.

And does it have any impact? I don’t think many jellies bother to use those Filter buttons.

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Not a bad idea… but I think only as an addition, not a replacement for Active.

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Little “Active” button. Really? Where?

Never mind. I found it. Having never noticed it and thus never used it, any new related gimmick does not interest me.

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I have to say, I never noticed that button either. Where is it?

It sounds like a neat idea though, but I have to say, if that happens then game threads will often be on the top of the list if it goes by how much activity there is. And we all know how much everyone here hates game threads. :D

But I just want to say, I think it’s great that you’re often thinking of ways to tweak up the site. (and making a lot of those ideas into reality, too) :)

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I feel better that I’m not the only one.

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@cookieman You hitting on me big fella? :D

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I think it would be a good idea. I agree with @Symbeline, though, that the game threads would show up often. But if we keep game threads identified as such in the original Q (e.g., “TJBM’’, “who wants to play…”, “let’s play…” etc.) I think it could be manageable.

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@ucme: Just stating the obvious.

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@cookieman Spellcheck, oblivious

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There’s so little activity here lately that I have no trouble keeping up. I’ve never used the active filter either. (And I can usually follow the hot questions by the smoke rising from them.)

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Just noticed that the Federated (beta) category is gone. Thank you to whomever took care of that.

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@janbb The Federated tab has been gone for 3 months.

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@PhiNotPi So I guess a hotness tab would be wasted on me! :-)

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Mmm mm sweet penguin. No amount of hotness is wasted on you — you sweet, sweet thang.
::in Barry White voice::

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Oh @cookieman – I’ll take a bite out of you annnytiime!!

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Love the fixing of the active setting!

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Hmm. Actually not crazy about the “fix” of the Active tab. When I switch to a new category, I expect to see Everything. Now I’ll have to check the tab each time, to see whether I was last using Active or Everything. I think the previous setup was intentional; not sure why it needs fixing.

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I always use the active tab after I’ve gone through my activity and there are no new questions. It shows me where the action is. There is one problem I have with the new change to the active tab. I don’t always want the active tab selected when I switch between sections. I may miss a very new question that was asked if I’m always looking at active questions. Now I need to select “everything” when I switch between sections. Instead of re-clicking the active button, I’m now re-clicking the everything button.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about a hotness tab. I agree with the others that have said that all the game questions will probably be first in line. I guess I’m content with having just the active tab. but who cares what I think. I delete my account every other week. ;)

Thank you @PhiNotPi for always thinking of ways to make the site better.

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I look at the “Newborns” frequently, so to have the active setting stick is perfect for me.

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@jonsblond You are such a sweetheart. Mwah!

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Active is…?

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