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How do you get a Nixon Kensington watch to work?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 19th, 2014

I can’t get the seconds hand to keep going. It went for one hour then stopped, this is quite frustrating as the directions seem ultra vague!

Someone with experience please help!

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Take it back to where you bought it!

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i know nothing about N-K watches. But I did learn something about a high end, solar Casio my son owned. The second hand movement doubled as a diagnostic aid. (I forget all the choices and meaning but it was something like this.) If it moved once every 2 seconds it meant the internal battery was within 72 hours of needing a charge. Place watch in sunlight for 3 minutes.
If the hand moved in a stop start pattern instead of smooth it meant the watch had lost power and had restarted in backup. Warning it might have the incorrect time.

The whole thing was quite clever.

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I just remembered. One fo the diagnostic second hand movements was the motion that moved in a 1 second then 2 seconds, 1 second then 2 seconds, pattern.

It was fixed by putting it in the sun for 3 minutes and resetting the time.

Maybe you will be lucky.

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I took it back to the store (Sun Diego) where they tried their hand at it as well. The Kensington is a fairly popular Nixon watch and they couldn’t figure it out as well. I exchanged it for Komono Winston watch!

Thanks for the advice though!

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Thanks for the update. I do wonder whether that was a diagnostic. Quartz watches keep perfect time – until they stop. The intentional change in the second hand motion is a nice way to give the user a warning that the battery is low.
However, upon when seeing the second hand move 1 then 2, most people would think the watch was broken.
Do you know of other watched that have that kind of diagnostic tool? The info is buried deep in the instruction manual.

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