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Now Smoke Anywhere You Want?

Asked by leyrailsz (1points) June 20th, 2014

G Pen Vapor is an electronic cigarette which is created for hard-core smokers who find hard to quit smoking. This product protects you from harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes and decreases the chances of many types of cancer.

G Pen Vapor is an electronic cigarette, specially made for people find themselves unable to quite smoking. This electronic device is not the real tobacco cigarette but give you only the sensation of smoking through water vapor.


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That stuff stinks so bad! It’s actually worse than cigarette smoke, and that’s saying something!And go away!

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Mods have requested we flag Spam without comment, please. It makes things easier for them.

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Vapor, ugh.

I’d rather quit.

The banning of vaping in places where cigarettes are banned is proof positive that cigarette bans are based on emotional bias, not any sort of health science.

Also, nice obvious spamming.

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