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Why would 2 toolbar apps in XP suddenly stop recognizing my internet connection?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21496points) July 5th, 2008

These programs, Weather Watcher and Gmail Notifier, have successfully run on my computer for several years. All at once, both of them are saying there’s no recognized internet connection, even though I have broadband and am connected.

My firewall is set to allow full access to both programs. I tried various tweaks and nothing is working, including uninstalling/reinstalling. Anyone have an idea?

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uninstall both toolbars then if your using the windows firewall go into the settings of it and set them to “default” after doing this reinstall both toolbars and see if they work. If they dont you might have some issues with internet explorer and it might require to attempt to reinstall it.

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Sorry, I said ‘toolbar’, but I meant ‘taskbar’. They’re small apps that run primarily minimized in my taskbar.

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in addition to bunkin’s idea, have you tried just turning of your firewall for a couple of minutes? and see if the apps work? do you have any anti-virus software? Norton seems to cause stuff like this to happen all the time. also, when you reinstalled, did you reboot the computer before checking it?

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@PnL – You are my hero!

I didn’t think to restart in between installations, and I ran CCleaner for good measure. Both worked when I reinstalled them. Thanks! :)

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yay! i know how it feels when you are stuck with a small computer problem and know the answer is something simple but you just can’t put your finger on it. so i am glad i could help :)

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