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How can I convince my parents to let me live with my relatives?

Asked by wabhay (26points) June 20th, 2014

Hey,I am 16 and I shifted to Okhla a month ago, before Okhla I used to live in Mehrauli. My aunts house is also in Mehrauli. Actually I left one of the best tuition classes, my best friends and some of my family members there and I miss them so much. In Okhla my dad is not able to find a good tuition class and I don’t even have friends. I wanted to live in Mehrauli only till my 10th is completed but my dad is not allowing to do so. What he is saying is that I don’t have legitimate reasons to be there and every tuition is good until you try to study hard. But what I think is, my dad shouldn’t has done this to me, at-least not in 10th. I am just gonna die here.What should I say to my dad to convince him to let me live with my relative in Mehrauli ?

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