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How can I convince my parents to let me live with my relatives?

Asked by wabhay (26points) June 20th, 2014

Hey,I am 16 and I shifted to Okhla a month ago, before Okhla I used to live in Mehrauli. My aunts house is also in Mehrauli. Actually I left one of the best tuition classes, my best friends and some of my family members there and I miss them so much. In Okhla my dad is not able to find a good tuition class and I don’t even have friends. I wanted to live in Mehrauli only till my 10th is completed but my dad is not allowing to do so. What he is saying is that I don’t have legitimate reasons to be there and every tuition is good until you try to study hard. But what I think is, my dad shouldn’t has done this to me, at-least not in 10th. I am just gonna die here.What should I say to my dad to convince him to let me live with my relative in Mehrauli ?

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I’m sorry you’re having trouble adjusting to life in your new town. But you are stronger than you know – you’re not “just gonna die here.” It’s completely normal to miss your old friends and for it to take a while to make new ones, but you can do it!

I’m not familiar with the phrase “tuition class,” so I don’t know what you’re missing, but at your age, you have the ability to make the most of your school situation, too. Study hard and ask the teachers for help if you’re having trouble keeping up.

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I had to do some research to discover that you are talking about two suburbs of New Delhi, only 13 kms (or 8 miles) apart. I don’t know what “tuition class” or
”!0th” means but can make some assumptions.

Granted, being uprooted at 16 is very hard but you can easily visit your best friends and family members, if they are 13 kms. away. That’s a 20 minute drive or an easy bike ride for a 16-year-old.

And I cannot tell from your details whether your tather believes that the school is not very good in Okhla or that you will be fine as long as you study hard. So that I cannot help you with. As long as you are not legally an adult and are living under your dad’s roof, and cannot persuade him to allow you to live with relatives, you are stuck.

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Your parents have not set out to do you harm. They have given up a great deal of themselves for you over the years. Why don’t you just repay them with some selfish, crybaby behavior?
Grow up, and develope a sensitivity beyond your own fetal position. People live, they die, sickness happens, marriage happens, moving happens, goverments rise and fall, and none of it centers on your disappointment.
Why don’t you sit down and have a long talk with them about just what this move means for THEM? Do not mention your own interests, even in an offhand way. Listen to what they have to say, and try to comprehend that they too feel emotions about what happens in their own lives.

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13km! My parents dragged me to an entirely different continent and didn’t ask my permission either.

I survived. You will too.

You do, however, have my sympathy. It can be very traumatic to be uprooted from the life you are accustomed too.

But the sooner you adjust to the fact that nothing ever stays the same, the sooner you will find peace and be able to get on with your life. 2500 years ago a great philosopher named Heraclitus recognized this and said “Everything changes and nothing stands still”.

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Are you even in your new school yet? In America most schools are on summer break right now, but I have no idea what school sessions are like in your country. If you haven’t started school yet, give the new one a chance. You will meet new people in school and probably like some of your teachers very much. Visit your friends when you can since it is not very far away.

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I assume you have access to computers. If you are really concerned about your education, there are lots of free teaching aids on the computer. You can also stay in touch with your friends through the internet and ride your bike up there on the weekends and visit. If you need wish to advance more you can also enlist the help of your teachers. Never met a teacher who wasn’t willing to steer a student toward more knowledge. Sometimes teachers adjust their teaching for the slowest child in the class so they don’t get lost or left behind and figure the smart ones will easily push themselves. You have tons of options so long as you are willing to work at it.
My children moved to a lot of different schools. It is good for you. It helps you to learn to adjust. Something you will soon be forced to do a lot as an adult.

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Hmm i respect your answers guys.Well…now i am living with my aunt.I convinced my parents and i feel very awesome here and i miss my parents sometime.And ya i go for rides with my friends and love to spend time with them .Actually i should have written boyfriend instead of friend.I think now you all got my point.I am a BITCH. :P Thank you friends.

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You are quite welcome, B. Wabhay. Anytime we can be of help to you, just drop by. We’ll be waiting. Enjoy your life.

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