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Am I too young for a kiss?

Asked by wabhay (26points) June 20th, 2014

Actually, I am 16 and my boyfriend usually come toward me to kiss me on my lips. But I stops him every time saying that I am too young for it, and he says that it is my age of doing this. Is he right?

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Does it matter? If you want to do it, if not don’t.

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Sweetie, leave the kissing and hit the books at school, have fun, make friends, enjoy life! Plenty of time for that later.

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I guess yes.

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You are the only one who will understand if you are ready to kiss. The person you are about to kiss also must make you feel comfortable and sure. I see that you have second thoughts so you might have to give yourself a little time and don’t let others change your mind. Do what makes you happy and not what others expect from you…

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But really, if you have to ask yourself this question, the answer is yes.

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Don’t let any one pressure you in to doing something you don’t want to do.

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Agree with above. But also remember that parents are there to shelter and protect. They will always say you are too young. It’s ok to test the waters. Just take it slow and at your own pace and remember the priority is learning life skills and academics.

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I see from your earlier question that you live in a suburb of New Dehli; is your culture Indian? That would certainly be a factor in general, but in particular, you must listen to your inner voice. If it is saying you are not ready and don’t want to kiss him, then it doesn’t matter how old you are.

Having a boyfriend in American culture does imply some physical contact…usually at minimum holding hands and kissing. Your use of English, excellent though it is, implies that it is not your native language. Don’t let this boy bully you into doing something you are not ready for, whatever your culture.

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Girl, it’s your choice! If you want to, go for it! If not, don’t. Never do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Good luck!

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Kissing is not the issue. It is what it might lead to. Do you have all your ducks in a row about sex?

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@marinelife I don’t believe that a kiss has to lead to having sex. She must talk with him and tell him what she wants from her relationship. Then both she and her boyfriend will know what to expect from their relationshi p, they will both know what they have to give and she can set her limits to what she can give him and if she is ready for it. In my opinion she is really young to have sex and she must do it only if she is sure about it! @wabhay a talk with a relative or a close friend you trust could also help you!

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No it doesn’t_have_ to lead to sex, but it can and she needs to be ready.

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I know it could lead to having sex but only if they both want to and feel ready for it. This is the reason she has to talk about it with him.

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It’s really up to you to determine if you’re ready for kissing or not. Personally as a 16 year old myself I don’t think it’s too young as I have kissed my boyfriend numerous times, but only you can decide for yourself on this.

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If he is 18 years old + yes you are too young to kiss!

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We’re thinking she isn’t an American.

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Ahh then whateveryone else is saying! :D

Study study study! Omg if I knew what I knew now and knew how much fun my friends who have pretty decent stable jobs were doing now from what I knew back then oh my goodness I’d hit the books so hard you have no idea! Not that it’s not too late now, but it is difficult as an adult while maintaining bills!

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The fact that he doesn’t understand that a first kiss is really intimate shows he may be too young for kissing. Kissing isn’t just putting 2 lips together. It is usually a show of deep affection for the other person. If you are not ready, than you are not ready. When I was young, I have kissed guys I was not that into, and I can truly say, those were the worst kisses ever and usually proof to me that I felt nothing like I should for them. I loved being with them but I loved them, but just not really as a boyfriend.
You may be putting it off because you love him as a friend.

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It can sure have a much stronger physical and emotional impact when you’re young too, than it does, later on when you’re used to dating and know what simple kissing is all about.

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Is not for your boyfriend to say whether you are ready or not. It is about how you feel. How old is he by the way? Anyone who pressure you to do things you already made clear you don’t want is….

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First kiss is a special moment in a person’s life. You only get one shot at it. Do it when it feels right for you and don’t let anyone pressure you to do it beforehand. When the time comes, you will know it.

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If you don’t want to, then you shouldn’t do it! Even if he’s pressuring you, or even if he really, really wants to. If he had your best interests at heart, he would respect your wishes.

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Go for it, if you want to.

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Guys chill…sorry to waste your time.Actually i am a bitch as i make boyfriends and i don’t even allow them to touch me because i don’t think they are my true love.When i will get my true love then i will bend on my knees and propose him and will give him chance to do whatever he want to do as true love is for life time. :D

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My feeling is that if you have to ask, you are too young. After reading the further conversation, I also think you need to determine if he his also mature enough.

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