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What is this piece of music?

Asked by flo (10481points) June 20th, 2014

The one in the video here

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No music in that link.

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I don’t know because the video is currently unavailable. But the story is a Doozy!!!

Imagine, the woman was just trying to save those poor widdle ducklings, but how stupid can she be?!?!?! I mean stopping her car in the fast lane of a major highway/ to help the duckies.

And wouldn’t you know a man on a motorcycle (50 yrs old) with his 16 yr old daughter riding as passenger comes along and crashes right into the moron’s vehicle. And they both die. and the mother and wife of the motorcyclists is herself riding a motorcycle just behind the husband and daughter and watches it all go down.


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Okay the music was the first thing in the video backround for an ad. I guess they changed the ad? I wish I could remember what the ad was for.

@Dan_Lyons @Dan_Lyons You might want to see this thread

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Thanks @flo I went over there and answered it!

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