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Are there any good websites that can recommend books based on what i have already read?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) July 5th, 2008
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Shelfari (discover people with similar book interests and find similar books)
Book Lamp (never tried it)

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If you look up a book on Amazon that you have read they suggest other books that people order along with that book. I have used it many times to find books.

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And this, with good hyper links.

@Dog’s suggestion is a 5 star one, too.

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Fluther has worked pretty well in the past for things like this, too.

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if you have facebook, you can also use the iRead application. i really like that and its a good way to keep track of books i have read and rate them so i don’t forget. they also recommend books. i also have shelfari and would second mirza’s suggestion about that.

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i second iRead, it’s pretty awesome. keeps track of the books i need to read, that’s probably most useful for me..

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yep. I was going to say IRead and amazon, glad to see i’m not alone.

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Amazon and GoodReads

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Strangely, I have also gotten pointed to sites about books in areas I am interested in from Stumble Upon.

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I’ve lost so many hours of my life to stumble upon!

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Thanks for introducing me to that site, Bri_L. Thanks also to Mirza.

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I too use whatshouldireadnext

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Take a look at, “Stop You’re Killing Me” if you’re a mystery fan.

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I use (which, FYI, entails cataloging your books and—if you have more than 200—paying for your account).

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I use as well and really love their suggestion algorithm.

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i like tastekid.

tastekid is a recommendation engine for music, movies and books, that suggests similar stuff, based on what you already like

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Book Seer is a quick little search that compiles recommendations from both amazon and LibraryThing.

Goodreads is also a great website for finding books and their various editions, as well as reader ratings and reviews. It also lists “other books by this author” and “books enjoyed by other members who have read this book.”

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