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Age test. Have you ever heard of Bebop and Rocksteady?

Asked by flip86 (6172points) June 20th, 2014

As asked.

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Yeah, so does that mean I’m old?

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Sure, Rock Steady by Epick High?

Or the mutant turtles dudes?

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@SQUEEKY2 No. I figure anyone who hasn’t was a kid long before the 80’s.

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One is very Bad Company

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I know a bit of Bebop, and when I looked up Rocksteady I was surprised I’d not heard of it. Both a bit before my time, but I’ve listened to most forms in pre-90’s modern recording history.

Care to post a link to what you consider the epitome of each?

Alton Ellis – Rocksteady is cool, but I couldn’t find a period one with the dance style shown.

Sarah because it’s period live, I thought you’d like it @flip86, and because I’m curious to know if you know the origins of the filming. There’s a fantastic series of these on You Tube, and I can find nothing about the origins.

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I still have several episodes in which they appear on VHS.

They’re from the Burger King Kids’ Club.

If you ask me, Tokka and Rahzar were much cooler.

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For me this is a culture test too.

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Sent you a PM.

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… I like pizza, and not green eggs and ham.

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Great job, Colin. Just give it away to everyone. * thwacks*

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@talljasperman At least I saw it already ~

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Lightning… and thunder… it’s gong to storm in real life in Red Deer.

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I Flip my answer.

Even if it’s like soft summer peaches against Hy-test golf-balls.

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Yup. My son loved that stuff.

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Sure have.

@Seek Yeah, I liked those guys better too, but the episode ones did have their charm.

God…now I want to talk about this but like, we can’t, really.

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Do you mean Bebop and Rock Steady? Definitely heard these both in my younger days!

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I only know of Beebop, one of the California Raisins.
He recently died of prostate cancer. See The Onion article.

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Rock Steady, Kool and the Gang.

Bebop is jazz such as Miles Davis.

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I only know of Cowboy Bebop.

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Wait isn’t Bebop a kind of dance? I was thinking the two words were together like The Adventures of Bebop and Rocksteady or something.

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I know that Bebop refers to a jazz style, if it means something else in this context I think it must be an American pop-culture thing. Rocksteady I have never heard of, except as the title of a track by Sting.

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Bebop is a jazz style, considered very progressive for it’s time,that was epitomized by Miles Davis.

Rock Steady is the title of several popular songs recorded over the last 50 years. My favorite is this one by Aretha Franklin.

Oh, yeah, My kids watched the characters with those names in the late 1980’s!

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Be-bop-a-lula? She’s my baby.

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NO and I am over 50 have I missed something

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This question should really be “Are you American and between the ages of 26 and 30?”

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Hey hey hey we Canucks also loved dem toirdles.

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Thirty is too young for the upper limit.

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I remember them. T.M.N.T.

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@Seek…or ”...parents of someone between 26 and 30!”

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@Yetanotheruser She won’t listen. :(

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@dxs just like my 27 y.o. twins: haven’t listened in about 15 years.~

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