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How do I recover a question, I just composed, which Fluther seem to accept then was lost in the process?

Asked by SebastianWhite (30points) June 21st, 2014

As above please?

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Hi, @SebastianWhite; I am one of the Moderation Team here at Fluther.
The only question on record for your account is from a few days ago:

If you composed another question since then, it never made it to our servers. Perhaps you missed a step in the process, as you do have to advance through a few screens to get to the final submission. Since we never received it, there is noting to retrieve. If you’ve never closed your browser window, sometimes you can hit the back button and get back to where you were and the text is still in the boxes. That seems to only work on the full site though; not on the mobile site.

In the future, you can send questions like this directly to the ModTeam by using the Contact the Mods button at the top of the page (or I have moved this post to our Meta section, where we discuss Questions related to Fluther itself.

I’ve lost several lengthy comments I was writing here by accidentally tapping the wrong part of the screen on a touch device, and I feel your frustration. I hope you’re able to remember what it is that you were asking!

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If the back button doesn’t bring it up, you’ll have to recompose.

I’ve been there, and it bites.

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All you can do is rewrite and learn never to trust the internet. This is why I compose my questions (and lengthier answers) in Text Edit first and then copy them to the site.

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Ok damn…

I copied this also, but then I dunno this copy disappeared, which I was about to paste, when the page went… bugger!

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Always remember to click “Ask Fluther” after writing question out and choosing topics.

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