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Why can't I upload pictures to Facebook?

Asked by marinelife (61923points) June 21st, 2014

I click on Upload Photo/Video as usual. My Pictures folder opens on my computer as usual. I click on the photo I want and select open as usual, but then nothing happens.

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The old, old question: Have you tried rebooting the computer?

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Sometimes FaceBook is glitchy like that, try completely quitting your browser if that doesn’t work then try a system reboot as mentioned

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My facebook page suddenly stopped letting me “Upload photos/video”. I have no idea why. But I’m able to “Create photo album”. So I just create photo albums with just one or two photos. It works about the same but you have more information options like making a title of the photo or photos.

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@marinelife Any luck yet?

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I don’t know. I’ll try again after re-starting the browser.

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I used @gondwanalon‘s workaround.

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