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The Best 'application' for organising your Twitter Lists...?

Asked by SebastianWhite (30points) June 21st, 2014

Hi, I am a writer, and have around… well over a dozen lists including a few hundred authors, and then editors etc, and just those darn pesky things I like to refer to as ‘friends!’

You get the gist… well presently I cannot organise these Twit Lists alphabetically, and please do not tell me otherwise please, as I this ‘is’ the case… In point of fact the number of lists I have on the screen don’t even fit any more, which aint much cop.

So I am looking for a Twitter application, which first and foremost would be visually easy to comprehend and follow… then also – ‘equally,’ allow easy access to these lists – so I may swap between these at ease; presently I am not satisfied as to how these lists are presented on the screen, and this ‘does’ make them difficult to utilise?

An app, which is ‘progressive,’ and open to not just ease of use, but future developments on Twitter?

Also, it would not hurt in the least if I have questions in respect of using this… then the support is easy to contact, and accessible?

*So to conclude please, I am looking for a Twitter App… which has a good balance between being easy to use, whilst being as comprehensive as comprehensive – as possible?

Ultimately, my aim is to spend ‘less’ time on Twitter, but for this to be more effective please…?

Thanks Sean Sebastian White

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Oh oh I know this one! I use a service with my Twitter accounts all the time! I use Hootsuite for my online stores because it can auto-post and schedule 3 accounts for free. So, just post away for a few hours and you’re good for 2 months. It’s pretty sweet. That’s what I do anyway.

I hope that helps!

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Hi, I use Hootsuite for this twitter account: SebWrites…

However, I was speaking of the “interface” I am using for Twitter – rather than their standard.

Working through this presently.

Not really sure how this site works – finding it ruddy confusing. This is for the person who has the profile of the mule’s nostrils… very becoming!

However, enjoyed your profile, and feel free to follow myself on Twitter.

Thanks for all the responses… in fact!

Although I’m not sure if there’s 2 people responding or not; unfortunately the format for this site is very confusing.

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