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Why can't I resize the screen on my tablet?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36143points) June 21st, 2014

I’m out at the land in our RV starving to death waiting for Rick to figure out the propane so we can cook. Thought I’d check in so I did. But I can’t get Fluther off of HUGE. I also noticed that I couldn’t expand other sites to read propane schematics. I’m just stuck and really hungry please help!

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Mods I didn’t mean to put this in General…

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Try shutting it off and turning it back on.

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Or try defaulting to factory settings.

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Hit the new “Contact the Mods” button, which was designed precisely to get the mods’ attention.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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Why don’t you just ask a question about the propane problem?
And maybe next time either A) Take the time to learn about the devices before you use them and/or B) bring a snack to tide you over.

Just a couple of helpful suggestions.

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Did you drop the tablet recently, or sit on it?

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Because the screen as it is is pretty worthless. I can hardly navigate. I wanted to fix that first. My husband will figure the propane issue out eventually.

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Did you get your problems resolved, @Dutchess_III?

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At least on Fluther you are probably seeing the mobile site. You should be able to scroll all the way down and there should be a link to switch to the regular site.

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This happens to me when I have a bad internet connection. When the wireless internet connection is reading one bar and Low or Very Low and it’s in and out. Your page dies, you can’t do a damn thing with it, you can’t resize, you can’t even type into the answer box. It won’t take any info. All you really have is a photo of the page you were on that you might be able to scroll. It’s dead.

All you can do is refresh to page and keep refreshing the page until it stays long enough for you to get something done. Then see if you can find a better place in the place you’re at to get a stronger signal. I’m constantly moving, so it’s really good, then the next hour it’s useless.

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I recently switched my phone and tablet to the Android version of Firefox for pretty much that reason; Firefox allows “pinch-zoom” by default whereas other browsers either make it complicated, or just flat out lack that feature.

Also, it could be that you got the mobile site, as @johnpowell suggests. I had to do a little jiggering to get the desktop site.

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@snowberry No. I just stayed off the device. I was camping!

I wondered about that too @johnpowell. Wasn’t sure where to find it, and looking at that size 40 font was giving me a headache!

@jerv It was strange though. It was fine on facebook and on some other sites, but here, and on some other sites it just wouldn’t do it.

@canidmajor Didn’t need to ask question about the propane. My husband is a mechanic, a real one, and a really damn good one too. He already has an idea of what it is, he just needs to trace the wiring to be sure.
The tablet isn’t mine. It’s my husband’s. I only used it because it was there and had a moment to touch base, so I tried to. Why so cranky?

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After I get cleaned up from camping I’ll take another look at it.

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Overall, though, the maiden voyage of our RV was a resounding success. Rick spent the last couple of weeks working on the plumbing. There were some leaks and split hoses. Got those all fixed and we had running water. And we had…..AN INDOOR TOILET!!

When we gave our pop up to my son, I took all the neatly packed stuff we had collected over the years for primitive camping, and stuck it in the storage in the undercarriage. Over the weekend, I ended up pulling a good bunch of it out and putting it in it’s forever home in the RV.

Our German Shepherd, Dakota, is kind of old and kind of has bad hips, but she finally learned to slowly walk up the stairs instead of lurching and trying to jump, and that was good.

We had some friends out last night, and Rick made the best damn hamburgers over the campfire.. Best burgers I’ve ever eaten. We also had jalapeno poppers.

We also took our flat screen TV, hooked Rick’s tablet up to it and watched Netflix movies. It was really kind of cheating, but it was nice.

The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that we had the generator running 24/7, cause we don’t have power out there. It detracted from the wildlife and the birds and stuff. Our next project is to get power so animals will be more likely to approach.

We worked our asses off, and I’m sunburned and tired and ready for a shower and a drink!

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@johnpowell That was it. Just took a second, too! Thanks for the help everyone.

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