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What's the most unusual thing you've cooked on a George Foreman type grill?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) June 21st, 2014

I was wondering what refrigerated biscuit dough would do.

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Nothing. I would never consider buying one.

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In the Netherlands one night when I was invited to a family dinner at the home of a Dutch colleague, we collectively and individually cooked our dinner while seated around a table with a (similar) small electric grill in the middle of the table. It was a very enjoyable experience.

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@CWOTUS What was it though? C’mon give us the juicy details.

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Eggplant is about as adventurous as I’ve been with the George grill. It wasn’t mine.

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I can’t even begin to recall everything that we had, @janbb. Small steaks, I recall, and various forms of sausage, and some chicken, but beyond that I just don’t remember. It was over 15 years ago, after all, and I’ve slept since then.

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We just got one of those and I plan to give it a whirl this week. My Mom’s already used it twice and she made steak paninis which turned out really good. I think it’s her new favorite appliance. I’d like to try some type of calzone type of thing, but I’m not sure if it would work with fresh dough or not.

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I had a Hamilton Beach grill and never cooked anything unusual on it. Just burgers, Italian sausage, steak, chicken and hot dogs.

I was tempted to try waffle batter on it though, because of the grooves, but my judgement got the better of me.

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The small Foreman works really well for marinated slabs of extra-firm tofu.
Portabello mushrooms, too, also marinated.
(my marinade is often simple like: olive oil, garlic powder, lemon juice, pinch of salt or Bragg’s amino acids.)
Note that because the Foreman has a PTFE non-stick coating, similar to teflon, we got rid of it when we adopted out parrot because if it gets really hot PTFE can outgas something that in trace amounts can kill a parrot in minutes. .. Non-stick waffle iron went, too.

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Hey, @ragingloli, don’t knock it if you’ve never tired it. I love my mini-Foreman grill. It’s great for making hot sandwiches, hamburger patties and small steaks.

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We received one as a gift, and while I dislike how it “grills” food, it does make a snazzy panini press.

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We have a Cuisinart brand electric grill that base the grates and you can flip the plates for a griddle. We cook our bacon on the grates so the fat runs off. With this new one, there’s a sear feature and you set the temperature – not low-med-high, but actual degrees, and you can prop the top plate up so it’s not touching the food. So I’ve used it to reheat pizza and other stuff instead of heating up the whole oven. We haven’t really cooked anything unusual on it, though.

It sounds like CWOTUS’s host might have been using a raclette grill, although he didn’t mention cheese. They have trays that you put cheese in and place it under the heating element to melt it, then pour it over potatoes. Many of those units also have a grill plate on top of the heating element, on which people cook various sausages, veggies and meats.

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That is nearly exactly the appliance I have, @flip86. Better design than George, IMO.

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How was the eggplant, @majorrich.

Let us know how it goes, @Kardamom. I’m new to it too.

I’m thinking your better judgement was sound, @flip86

I had not considered tofu or Portabellas, @dabbler! Great ideas.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, @Pachy.

WATERMELON? @CWMcCall How was that?

Not tried it for re-heat, @hearkat.

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Marshmallows tempt me as well.

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The eggplant turned out pretty good. About as good as from on the BBQ, Crispy lines and evenly cooked, but you have to be careful about the time or it will quickly overcook.

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I cooked goose legs with back attached 4 years ago for Christmas. But it was on an electric grill , not exactly a George Forman grill.

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