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Is it right to reset the admins of an online community?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) June 21st, 2014

So for the last year I have been running a minecraft server that has developed a great community around it. But over that time we have built up quite a few admins and moderators that are ether inactive, or just aint so good at their job.

I feel like it could be good for everyone to have a fresh set of staff, but is clearing all the old ones really the best solution?

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It would be right, in my opinion, if the admins aren’t responsive or active enough.

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Are all of the admins bad? Why taint them all with one brush? Just clear out the dead wood. Say something like “Your lack of activity makes me think you no longer have time to perform the duties of an admin.”

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Why not write to them all and explain there are a lot inactive admin/moderator staff and you need to clarify who is still acting in that role. Ask them to nominate to continue in the role by return email and perhaps remind them what the role requires. Tell them if you don’t hear from them they will be removed as Administrators/moderators.

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Yep, replace all of them. It’ll be fun actually.

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