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Did you know that you can underline text?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12663points) June 22nd, 2014

Well, you can now. Here’s how you do it:

+ text +
(remove spaces)

Underlining is not yet visible in the preview box, but becomes visible once you post the answer. I’ve decided to enable underlining because I felt that it was something basic.

Also, use underlining sparingly. In most cases, italics and boldface look nicer than underlining. Answers with too much formatting can be considered low-quality.

My malevolent side wanted to enable highlighting, but that would have been downright evil.

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I do now.

Can you implement pagination?

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We bow before your superior brain @PhiNotPi and we drink your MILKSHAKE!

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Please, please don’t enable highlighting. That would be seriously overused, and drop the readability of the site.

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@PhiNotPi: I haven’t said this yet, but you are a peach amongst jellies. Thank you so much for taking the time to fix up and improve Fluther.

::Tentacle Bump::

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I applaud your ingenuity but like @filmflam, worry about those who already use the textile markups as decoration or an art form, to the point of serious distraction.

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I Don‘t think anyone will use these things to the point of distraction…besides, the thing doesn’t work!

I take it back. It doesn’t look like it’s working until you submit and then whammo

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Nice discovery, @PhiNotPi. Thanks.

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Thanks for the underlining technique. I shall try to use it sparingly.

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Apparently if you encase a link with + +, it still has one underline.

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Yep. It works!

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Very nice! Good job.

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I’m sure I’ll have an occasional use for this feature!

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Oh yeah, fancy that!

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Cool! Good for references, I guess.
This contains every text style.

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Of course now I have to try it.


Nice work broski. :)

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Nice face @PhiNotPi

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Love it! Thanks for putting in all that work!

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underline ’-’ Cool. Thanks.

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Next: media embedding.

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@PhiNotPi Is your desire to make that face the main reason you added the underline feature?

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Now no one can ignore me! ~

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BIG SMILE > \’-’/

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|0 0| |- 0| |> <| |@ @|

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Sorry. Post got messed up

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@Symbeline (>______________________________<)

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u n d e r l i n e

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I was going to type less is more under my previous answer, but then @Symbeline quickly answered after me and my less is more comment would not have worked like I wanted it to. Nice penis, Sym.

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@jonsblond Thanks. I’m glad you like my shlong.

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Not so cool after all. Yet.

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But, I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone using it!

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Aren’t links automatically underlined?

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Are we doing this again?

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%Maybe% we just have to #experiment# to see !what! <works>?

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Pillows, pillows? Those are not pillows. I tell you what, I would invite you but the pillows we use would not excite you.

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