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Do you guys ever feel uncomfortable around places where everyone looks poor?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) June 22nd, 2014

I read the question here earlier asking if we felt uncomfortable around the rich, but I think it is far more important to feel comfortable around the poor.

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No, I don’t. I do know people that get scared, yet it’s not scary at all with a smile and a kind word. People may be poor in money but not poor in spirit.

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Yes, Mexico is awful, begging children, starving dogs and cats and filth everywhere in many areas. I’m a bleeding heart for kids and animals and just want to take everything home with me. Same in parts of Asia, if I had a gazillion dollars I;d have a ranch for poor kids and rescue animals.

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Read my response to Blackberry’s question, because it answers this one as well. My parents moved out of their original home because the riff raff made living there nearly impossible anymore. It’s all about character to me, not wealth. There are decent people and jerks who are financially sound, while there are decent people and jerks who could be classified as poor.

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No, I just raise the servants wages a little, i’m all heart.

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No. Seeing as I’m poor and live in a city that is known mainly for its large unemployment rate…haha.

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I don’t. The ghettos are scary places where I would stand out like fresh meat and I am not in the mood to be harassed and shaken down by panhandlers or worse. The cops won’t even go in poorest parts of the city.

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yes, I always feel bad when I’m the one being better off, seems like I have more responsibility to help since I have more; my ego doesn’t like that

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I do, yeah, especially if it’s a rough neighborhood. Sure, I might not “fit in” if I walk around in Beverly Hills, but I’d rather be there any day than in the ghetto of East Oakland.

All you have to do is ask people if they like shopping at Wal-Mart (most people will say no and a lot of people will say it’s because of the people), and you’ll get your answer.

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Yes.. even when I was in a homeless shelter I only talked to the admitting clerk and went to an early bed.

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I don’t feel uncomfortable in poor rural areas, but I do feel uncomfortable in places like Tijuana or Watts due to some bad experiences in those locations.

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Poor and proud, or just poor?

I was raised poor and proud. Still am.

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This is a very fair question.
Doesn’t everybody feel uncomfortable outside of their norm?

Poor and rich are subjective values. It depends so much on your own experience to determine your comfort level when faced with extremes.

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I get scared and apprehensive when trying to go to a soup kitchen for food and some scary looking guys are loitering around the front doors.

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Depends on the situation. I’d rather be in East (or West) Oakland than in a Wal-Mart.

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Depends on what is making them look “poor”. Are they dirty, diseased, slinking around dirty alley-ways? Bad part of town? Are they in the city, in the country? I trust country folks, even if they don’t have much. I could sit on a rickety wooden porch with a moon pie and a glass of lemonade, with all the kids and dogs and chickens, and be perfectly happy.

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I guess what I am saying is that “poor” doesn’t scare me. Disease, filth, threat of violence, or being around people who are “on something” scares me. And no, I’m not going to work on that. I have a strong sense of self-preservation.

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