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Are nose jobs a common thing in todays society?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 22nd, 2014

I had a revision rhinoplasty (I was left with a bad nose primarily) and I must admit I feel like I am going to live with a ‘weak’ nose all my life. Since it is operated on, I feel half a person. It might sound weird but I feel like the orcs in Lord of The Rings.

I was wondering, just so I may feel more of a complete human being physically, are nose jobs common? Are they looked down upon generally?

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Most of the time it is done for reasons of vanity, by people who feel insecure enough to need to have it done, but if it is actually a big deal, causing breathing issues or a disfigurement I see no problem with it.

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It’s only been three or so days since your surgery so you probably don’t know what your revised nose will look like, or do you? And everything is still swollen and painful

I have a college friend who recently had her entire nose removed due to melanoma that had spread. She is presently ungoing her 7th surgery to rebuild it (using cartilege and tissue from other parts of her body) and tells us that she will soon have a cosmetically acceptable nose (and will also be very relieved to be able to wear her glasses again).

From what I understand it is a very common surgery. Personally, I would never volunteer for any cosmetic surgery, but many people do.

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Wikianswers says, “On average, 350,000 Americans get nose jobs every year..” I don’t know how many of these are cosmetic and how many are medically indicated.

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I don’t know exactly what the numbers are, but where I live and work, most nose and sinus surgeries are done to improve breathing, and not for cosmetics. We have more than a dozen Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeons in our practice and only one does cosmetic nose jobs, but the rest do surgeries for deviated septum and the like.

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It probably depends where you live. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never met anyone who had one done.

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I know lots of women who have had boob jobs, one guy who had a chin job, and a couple who have had lap-band surgery. I don’t know anyone who had a nose job.

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It’s not new in 2014 – I knew people (mostly female, but one male) who had nose jobs in the 70s and 80s. I think it’s somewhat less frequent than the other adjustments because it is so obvious for so long.

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I had a few friends in college in the late 50’s who had it done, always over summer vacation. They were, without exception, thrilled at the results, and hid the fact from no one, as far as I could tell. By the following year, everyone had forgotten, or at least, no longer found it interesting.

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Think about it this way – nose jobs were very “in” in the 90’s, a la Clueless.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As for the “half of a person” nonsense, your nose is far from half of you. It’s just a nose.

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why do you feel that way? I had a nose job at 17 i’m 55 now it changed my life, I was bullied relentlessly. Why do you feel like an orc?

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@trailsillustrated Right now I look horrifying with my face swollen and my nose all bloody. My stitches hurt too so its disturbing. I guess thats one reason why I feel like an orc. I also had it done last year but it wasn’t good. So I have been through the process of waiting, healing etc. and going through it again is killing me – just the thought of it. I feel like I killed myself and now Im someone else so I have to live like that. It feels like I was in a car accident and my face is deformed so I had to have surgery. It’s all sad. Did your nose change all those years? I hear it collapses or drops

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I read that the most common plastic surgery is neck tightening. I am thinking it’s because as people age, and their necks get loose, with today’s emphasis on looking younger, that’s an easy thing to fix and probably an easier recovery than tummy tuck or other plastic surgery. Also, when people have weight loss surgery, which is very common now, they may have neck skin hanging. Look at older celebrity ladies, none have loose necks and that helps them look young. They’ve probably all had necks done.

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I had deviated septum surgery when I was 18. It stung like heck and got all swollen. Then I played volleyball and smacked my nose with the ball. It felt like an explosion of pain in my face. I think my septum popped back to the crooked position because it is now deviated again.

My friend got a nose job many years ago, probably from a good Hollywood surgeon in LA. She looks mighty good for 50 years old.

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