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How long did you watch the Google doodle today before realizing the game didn't change?

Asked by janbb (51324points) June 22nd, 2014

Ok – fess up. I watched it for about three minutes…..

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What’s the google doodle?

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If you go to there is usually an animated Google logo that changes according to world events or commemorations. They’re always very creative. Check out today’s.

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Not at all. Those doodles are starting to annoy me. Too many of them, too frequently. The novelty is over. Lets have the real logo back already.

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I’ve been ignoring them because I’m pissed off that they’re not playable.

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I’m annoyed with those World Cup Google Doodle. They aren’t creative at all: so repetitive, and without interaction. The big disappointment considering how good the previous ones were.

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I just keep getting a bunch of bullshit about soccer.

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Not at all long, because your question title gave it away ;)

I don’t like the World Cup doodles in general, but this one was cute. Nothing compared to the earlier doodles, which were often pretty smart. Now, it’s football. Because apparently, the entire world is staring at balls – like a group of neurotic Border Collies.

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@ragingloli moar liek fuckball amirite

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