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If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

Asked by maybellekim (215points) June 23rd, 2014


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I want to be Emma Stone when I grow up.

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I’d look like myself. It would be a shock to look like a different person… I wouldn’t recognize myself for ages.

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A somewhat younger me. ;-)

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<————Can he count? :P

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I would look like myself, minus about thirty pounds.

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I’m okay with how I look, minus the shiner. I’m me, not anyone else.

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Myself. At twenty-five.

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Myself at my current age, minus the after-baby effects on my skin.

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Moi minus the kilos that have hit me over the last 6–7 years!

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Ernesto, “el Che,” Guevara – that dude both was and looked badass! ;)

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Cary Grant.

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Me 20 years ago, but with naturally ginger hair.

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Me 20 years ago, a little bit more muscle and lesser grey. I like myself for who I am.

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@Symbeline But can you pull off the tights.

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I sure can. :D

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Myself in peak shape.

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27 year old me, or this era Sophia Loren.

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Christopher Reeve. Superman II with the floop of hair in front.

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I wouldn’t want to change. I like being me!

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This is the guy I want to look like… again.

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^ Heeey, @CWOTUS,

How you doin’?

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Hmmm I don’t know. Can it be fictional? I’d want to look like Robin from Teen Titans

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If not myself minus about 30 lbs, I’d choose to look like Kelly Ripa. She’s pretty and she’s in great shape. Her hips are the size of my 7 year old’s hips.

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Myself at a younger age and a healthy weight about 200lbs.

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