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Can you innoculate yourself for 'sexy'?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) June 23rd, 2014

I read somewhere that (olfactory) attraction has something to do with differences in immune systems, namely the bigger the difference in immunological history between two people, the greater the attraction.

My question is this then: if that were to be true, then can you increase your ‘sexy’ by getting a bucket-load of inoculations? ;-)

(I know, I know, if you need to go to these lengths to get laid… <sigh> :P)


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(Don’t know but good to see my favorite Jelly Pole!)

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It’s probably easier to just rub a worn pair of BVDs all over your body and just walk around and see how many female flies you attract lol

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Unfortunately, our attraction to sexual aromas has little to do with immune system differences and everything to do with the pheromones we exude.

Therefore getting a bucket load of inoculations will not make you any sexier.

Try instead practicing your pick up lines.

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Most of the inoculations you receive are composed of killed or slightly mutated versions of the diseases you want to prevent, so timing would be crucial. You don’t want to be out struttin’ your smelly stuff while you reek of disease. How long does all that last? If you get them all at once, the residual sick smell could last quite a while, if you stagger them, you stagger the illness pungency.

Exactly how long can you wait before gettin’ some? ;-)

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This article suggests that it is not immune response that directly engages the attractiveness, but that there is a correlation between a strong immune response in men and high levels of testosterone – and it’s the testosterone that mediates attractiveness. So in answer to your question – nope. Interesting factoid, though.

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Just watch James Bond movies and work out.

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@canidmajor That sure sounds attractive. haha
Ooooh, when science gets ugly. lol

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Cheers guys, all good answers so far, and @janbb it’s good to be back :-)

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