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Are you ultra careful with everything you eat? Do you check out the ingredients, fat and sugar content etc?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20115points) June 23rd, 2014

Are you one of those people who check everything is safe to eat on a daily basis? Do you spend time reading through the ingredients of the product at the store? Are you conscious of everything that goes into your mouth? What about the washing of fruit and veggies? Do you use filtered water to wash them in?

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I’m very careful with everything like that. The odds for a male in my family are pretty slim.

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Sometimes I do, but more often I don’t.

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Nope. I know what I should stay away from, what not to eat too much of. My food choices are simple, and as of late, limited, but healthy. I will not live a life of neurotically reading labels and worrying about all the horrible things they do to my food. Most of the shit that’s doing people in early are unnecessary foods. Chips, sodas, BigMacs, KFC, candy, pastries, tons of salt and sugar, bacon and mayonaise on everything,. Crap that they buy basically because they have discretionary capital and are too lazy to cook for themselves. Then there is this idea that humans can consume calories and not work their bodies, that they can eat some exotic herb or extract and it will all just go away. Just eat good stuff, control your diet by cooking your own meals, and find some activities you like and do them regularly to burn off the excess. And stop worrying about every little thing,

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Yes, I am. But *“ultra” would be too strong a way of putting it.

The last year and a half I have been much more careful. Before that, somewhat careful. I am not organic everything, but I am careful to buy organic for the 12 fruits and vegetables that pose the biggest pesticde concern. and I don’t buy factory meat because I don’t like more antibiotics and hormones.

I generally follow this guideline.

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Since I was told I am diabetic, I have been careful to check the carb numbers on everything I eat. What a pain.

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Being a vegetarian necessitates reading every single label and asking questions at restaurants. I can spend a good 2 hours in the grocery store, even when I’m just there to pick up a few things, because I read every label on products that I haven’t tried.

I also check the sodium levels on stuff, because both of my parents need to avoid high sodium content. I also look out for MSG and lots of weird preservatives and dyes, I won’t buy that stuff.

We’ve got decent water out here in California, so I just wash my fruits and veggies with tap water.

When I’m going to a family potluck, I’m even more careful with the ingredients list because we have several diabetics, one with celiac disease, and one with a peanut allergy, in addition to me being a vegetarian.

Thank goodness I actually enjoy reading labels.

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I always look at the labels of boxed foods I buy for nutrient contents. I eat basic stuff, so I expect the ingredients to be basic. I often eat things for nutrient content only, too. This is for two reasons:
1)I don’t have the best appetite.
2) I’m generally indifferent to food.
I’ve force-fed myself foods I hate that I know are healthy, and now I don’t mind them at all. For instance, I’d prefer normal yogurt, but I have no problem eating less-enjoyable plain Greek yogurt if it means more protein per serving.
Back when I was buying food for myself, I’d cook often, but honestly I’d have fast food almost every day, too. It was terrible. I was underweight, but those are never the calories to be putting into your body even though I was exercising. I still have fast food but only every once in a while.
I wash my fruit for a few seconds under tap water. Tap water is also what I drink 95% of the time and I haven’t caught any deadly viruses. My part of the world shouldn’t take its clean water for granted.

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No. LIfe is short. Food is delicious. I’m vaguely aware of how much I should be eating, and I’m not a glutton, but I don’t count and weigh.

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As long as it contains barley, water, and hops I am assured that there is a pork chop in every can.

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Hahahahaha! No. Like @dappled leaves said, life is too short and food is delicious.

I do make sure I don’t ever accidentally buy “diet”, “low fat” or “low sodium” products at the grocery store. Yuck!

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Not at all. I am careful not to eat too much obvious crap but I don’t constantly check labels etc.

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I never drink any juice or other drinks with sugar or other high cal sweeteners. They add a ton of unnecessary calories way too quickly. I stick with sugar free drinks. I use splenda in my coffee. I also try to avoid HFCS whenever possible. I am always checking labels for it. Food definitely tastes better without it.

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I always know what I’ve been eating on a given day, and I do pay attention to diversity and amount. I try hard to eat enough fruit and vegetables, and certain food (crisps and soda, for example), I never buy. Having those at the occasional party satisfies my need.

That said – I don’t usually read labels. I make sure not to buy juice with added sweeteners or anything containing eggs which are not organic…but I don’t think about nutritional value or count calories. My weight is not perfect, but fine – that’s enough for me right now.

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Yes I do check far more closely than before I had the sugar related problems.

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I’ve always been a label-reader – even as a teen and young adult in the ‘80s. My main avoidance are the processed and/or artificial ingredients. I’ve always hated margarine and ‘pasteurized processed cheese food product’. I then mostly read to compare products across brands to see which are using less sugar or salt, or have more protein, etc. This is why I like buying as much as possible from the farmers that grow the food. My fiancĂ© loves to cook, so he makes a lot of stuff from scratch. I eat mostly healthy food, I just eat unhealthy amounts because it’s so frikkin’ delicious.

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No. Generally, I prefer not to know because there are too many scarey big words in the ingredient panel.

Eggs and butter used to be freeways to death, now they’re back in favor. Generally, the fewer ingredients, the better. Turns out, better living is not through chemistry, as yet.

GMO, anyone? It’s likely the “partially hydrogenated fat” of your future.

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One thing that I regularly check is the exporation dates. Some grocery stores have items on sale that are expired or soon to be expired products.
I usually read the calorie count and the amount of sodium and sugar and to what order that they are in.
The first ingredient if sugar ( especially fruitose) or sodium means that it is the highest amount so therefore avoid these products.

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