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What is good to have on a menu in a pub?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) June 23rd, 2014

Pub grub.

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Mountain oysters.

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Shmoke & a pancake

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cocaine and waffles

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Fish and chips

And one that I would like to see, but never do, is a damn good Monte Cristo sandwich.

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Chili cheese fries, buffalo chicken and burgers. Nothing else needed.

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A nice variety of wings along with a nice variety of quality imported ale or wheat beer.

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Boneless buffalo fingers.
you know, drunk hungry food.

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fish and chips. Good old fashioned pub roast with veg. I am sick of all the old pubs that used to have regular pub food switching to asian fusion. I want the old fashioned stuff. Shepard’s pie. yorkshire pudding. Now you have to go out north to find that stuff.

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A…A salad? In my pub?!

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@Michael_Huntington You’ll want salad in your pub if you want women to come. That is a generalization, but a lot of women would like a nice salad.

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I had to look up the ploughman’s lunch. What is it? Looks like some fruit and cheese, and a roll. The rest of the Brit stuff I am familiar with, as I lived in England for a while. My favorite, though, was a deep-fried ham hock and chips, with salt and vinegar. I used to get it from the corner market all the time, but for some reason, other Brits don’t seem to be familiar with that. Maybe it was exclusive to this one market.

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Did anyone mention Scotch eggs? Because those are friggin’ delicious.

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Bockwurst and potato salad.

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@Skaggfacemutt I first encountered the ploughman’s lunch at a pub in Stratford Upon Avon and thought it was one of the most delightful lunches I’d ever had. They typically consist of some type of cheese, usually Stilton or Cheddar, some type of pickles (like gherkins or pickled onions) some crusty bread, chutney and possibly some tomatoes or hard boiled eggs.'s_lunch

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Sounds interesting. What do you do with the chutney? Put it on the bread, or what? You can’t really eat that stuff alone.

A delightful lunch in South Africa, that most cafe’s offered, is “cold meats and salads”. It consists of (usually) a cold chicken drumstick, a couple of slices of deli meat, rolled up, and some picnic-type salads – julianne beetroot salad, potato salad, and maybe some others. It was really good in hot weather.

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