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Is there a story behind your name?

Asked by maybellekim (215points) June 24th, 2014

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My real name? My first name? The story is my mom wanted Leslie for me and she didn’t get her way, but was allowed to make it my middle name. My first name I think my parents just thought it was pretty. My grandmother thinks the Leslie is named after her own mother, but my mom says it wasn’t.

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Which name? My real name or my nickname or my username?

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Yes, mammy & daddy had sexual intercourse which resulted in pregnancy, nine months later I was born & they gave me my name.

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My mother named the first two children. She had an odd name for an American and was teased mercilessly in school. She found it a hindrance and named her first two children safe, common, Anglo names that she hoped nobody would make fun of. My father, on the other hand, hated common names and wanted his children to be noticed. After the first two were named, he somehow wrested this power away from my mother and named the rest of us. I was next.

Right out of the gate, he may have gone a bit overboard for the times. I think he wanted his son to have a name that would get positive attention, carry authority, something people would be impressed by, something women would like, and also something noble for me to aspire to. That, or what he really wanted was a German Shepherd. Either way, once out of grade school, it worked well for me. My middle name, which I’ve come to use in later years, is after his all-time favorite statesman and a man famous for his command of the English language. He’s one of my heroes as well.

As adults, I think the siblings that followed me are very happy with their strange names, too, and now consider them as assets, but grade school and Junior High were tough times.

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^^ Your middle name is Dan Quayle?

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My father wanted to name me “Hans”. My mum told him to buy a garden gnome, and name that Hans instead… Good thing, because it turned out I happened to be a girl.

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I’ve had about 20 names in life. My user name is from a place that stole my heart. Almost as much as a person once did it too.

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I was named after an Elvis Costello song.

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My first name was the name of my fathers best friend, my second was after my maternal grandfather who died before I was born; subsequent investigation seems to indicate it was a family name for at least three generations prior.

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I was given my first name, after my Father’s name, and my middle name after my Grandfathers first name.
The only story there I care to mention is that my Dad never liked his father, and I don’t know why he would give his own son that name.
My brother might have a story, or at least an oddity regarding his middle name.
My Grandfather, Father, Brother, and Nephew all have the middle name that sounds like Laurence, but they are all spelled differently.

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@filmfann Parents do odd things. My mother absolutely refused to saddle me with my fathers family names that go back several generations to 1764. My father had these two names and then was given, and called, a third name. I guess his folks didn’t like them either but felt compelled to include them for the sake of tradition.

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My mom liked it so she named me it. I’ve asked her and that’s her only reason. I like my name.

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I was named after my mom’s best friend and my deceased cousin from long ago.

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@gailcalled You spell potato and I spell potatoe, but I can be VP and you can’t!

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@DanQ: Not yet, anyway

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Just a name my parents liked. Even though it means “of the Lord”, I don’t think that was going through their heads when they named me.

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First name was my father’s, my middle name is my mother’s maiden name.

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My Mom liked a certain name and my Dad had a different name in mind. So they combined them together.

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