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Do you believe in blind love?

Asked by bunkin (223points) July 6th, 2008

Is it possible to love someone based purely on what you feel instead of what you see?

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Well love is emotion, so you don’t need eyes, in fact it probably makes love more difficult.

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If it wasn’t, blind people couldn’t fall in love, could they? And I might not be blind myself so I’m not speaking from personal experience but I’m pretty sure they can.

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Blind love would be the truest form
of love because their feelings are based entirely off of personality, rather than looks.

Someone might look unattractive on the outside but have the most glowing personality on the inside. A blind person would fall in love with the personality because their opinions are not affect by looks.

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Sure I do!

Have you not ever seen the movie Mask?

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When you look at someone through the eyes of love you no longer just “see” them, but see them through the filter of your feelings.

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Check out this movie from 1945; The Enchanted Cottage

Nano-review; “This movie is by far one of the best love stories ever written. Unlike so many love stories, this one focuses on the rarely-seen-in-Hollywood story line that love is blind & inner beauty is what really counts. ”

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Yes I do. Love is all emotion and how you feel about the other. Inner beauty is what really matter and we don’t see that.

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Couldn’t blind love be negative, too? My ex-boyfriend was probably one of the worst boyfriends ever. Unfortunately I fell victim to the halo effect. He was really nice and sweet in the beginning, but turned out to be a complete asshole. But because I saw all the good things about him in the beginning, I turned a blind eye to the bad things that came up. Five months later I finally wised up (with some help from good friends) and we broke up.

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When it comes from the heart it’s love. From the eyes… it’s lust!

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