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Why aren't thong style panties more popular in Japan? Why are pantie-lines ok in such a fashion forward society?

Asked by cthulette (177points) June 24th, 2014

This is a totally weird question, I know (and I swear I’m not a pervert), but I’ve been an exchange student in Japan for almost a year now. I really love Japanese fashion, so I pay attention to what other girls wear and have noticed a lot of really unsightly pantie-lines on otherwise pristinely dressed-up girls. Since these girls put so much effort into making sure their hair, make-up, and other parts of their appearance are flawless, it doesn’t make sense that they would fail to notice the lines of demarcation on their rears.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s attractive to be able to see the shape of a girls underwear, or if more discrete underwear just isn’t so popular in Japan yet.

I’m not sure if it’s possible for anyone to really know anything about the subject, but I’m interested in hearing some theories! Thanks!

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You’re right. They are fashion focused, but when it comes to sexuality they seem to be very conservative? I hope that isn’t too much of a broad brush to be painting someone else’s culture. That’s just my impression. And I know you’re not a pervert. I never see you at the club meetings.

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Sexually conservative?


It’s just a veneer.

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Some people think panty lines are sexy.

And if I’m honest, thongs aren’t great at reducing them. Instead of having a “line of demarcation” at the sides of your butt, you just get a really tasteful embossed triangle pointing like an arrow down at your arsecrack.

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@Seek LOL, Seek is right. I have seen many so call discrete thongs not be so discrete. So I wonder, when did panty lines become so unsightly? Oh, I know when. When thongs were invented. I think because they are fashion forward, the idea of having a permanent wedgy isn’t all that appealing. There are underwears that comfortably hug your rear and have a slight edge that is almost invisible. I will say that on my most recent trip to Japan, Ikebukuro hardly represents a conservative nation. They let their hair down. I’m sure you will even find a few thongs among the crowds there.

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Have you noticed the side port-hole fashions at the clubs? That signifies the complete absence of undies. Yikes!

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Because thongs are horrible. I hate them, as does my daughters and now my granddaughter. Whoever thought it would be comfortable to have a string running down your a**-crack all day? If you really want torture, bend over while wearing a thong – instant wedgie from hell! I would rather go panty-less.

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Maybe they don’t like strings up their butts.

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@Adirondackwannabe And I know you’re not a pervert. I never see you at the club meetings.


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These Japanese wear thongs. Hot!

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What’s wrong with visible panty lines (VPL)?
Assuming the underpants fit properly and don’t distort natural contours, VPL can give the eye one more way to appreciate the curves. What’s not to like?

Don’t get me wrong, the thong look, where there’s nothing between the woman and the observer but a couple angstroms of something like yoga pants, is plenty attractive. But IMHO adding a couple more angstroms of underpants won’t hinder the look much at all.

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VPL is verboten.

This is fashion 101.

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